Hotels Have Something They Will Never Tell You (25 pics)

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You can check who is staying in a particular hotel.

If you call a receptionist asking to speak to Mr/Ms/Mrs they will most likely transfer your call or let you know if that person is staying there.

You can’t be thrown in jail over an unpaid hotel bill.

However, you might have to go to civil court to settle the payments or deal with debt collectors, either one is still a loss.

Most hotels are used to commit suicide.

Locals that don’t want their family finding them dead will often commit suicide in a hotel near their home. It may be tragic, but it’s also the truth.

You can make last minute cancellations without being charged a fee.

Instead of asking to cancel the reservation, ask if you can reschedule to the next week then call the next day asking to cancel, free of charge.

You can have unregistered guests.

Most hotels charge the same rate if there are one or two people in a room, so if you bring a guest but only reserve for one person you won’t be charged.

The hotels expect you to take the bathroom toiletries.

Hotel maids are told to toss out left toiletries, so make sure to take whichever ones you want.

Hotel staff have a good relationship with police.

If something seems suspicious, they’ll be the first ones to get a call. Be safe and live by the law!

Hotel cleaning staff have the hardest jobs and are generally paid less.

Please tip generously.

Most hotels don’t require a background check for their employees.

It’s best to just keep all valuables at home or on you at all times because the employees may be the ones to steal your stuff.

Bed linens are often not changed along with the sheets.

You could be sleeping on the same linens that the person before you slept on. How gross.

Security in hotels isn’t as safe as you think.

Most times after you check out the key cards do not expire, so if the person who was in the room before you decides to come back, they could get in.

Hotel rooms are only periodically cleaned.

Once a guest checks out, the cleaning staff has a limited amount of time to clean the room, meaning most items (like remotes, the phone, etc.) are not cleaned.

When making reservations it's best to call the hotel directly.

Calling 1-800 numbers will often raise the rates and charge extra fees. Save your money and call the receptionist desk to get the best rates.

They have extra chargers in case you forgot yours.

It happens; good to know you don’t have to find the nearest store to buy a new one.

They have vehicles for rent.

Some hotels will have rental vehicles on site so you don’t have to find the nearest car rental center to get a nice ride.

Free breakfast

It is becoming increasingly popular for hotels to offer their guests free continental breakfasts.

Free room upgrade

Using a little sweet talk during check in could get you a nicer room; it doesn’t hurt to test your luck!

Free Wi-Fi

No need to stress about using all your cellular data while staying at a hotel. Most hotels now offer their guests free Wi-Fi.

A variety of pillow selections

If you’re particular about the pillow you need to sleep on, some hotels offer a pillow menu for you to choose from.

If you travel frequently, stay at the same hotel each time.

Most often when the staff gets to know you, it means getting more free things and better service.


If you forget your pair or the room is just too cold, a pair will be happily provided. That’ll surely keep you nice and toasty.

The floors are not as clean as they may look.

Most hotel room floors are carpet, meaning they can hold lots or dirt, dust, and bacteria. Keep your shoes and socks on.

Free water bottles

Upon request, free water bottles can be given to guests. A hydrated person is a happy person!

You’re paying for location.

Hotels in good locations generally cost more because of the surrounding attractions, so save an extra buck or two when planning to stay in a great area.

You can order children’s sized portions to save money on dinner.

This is useful when you want a small snack but don’t want to pay big time prices.







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