Life Is Not So Hard If You Follow Some Clever Advices (20 pics)

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Try and spend time with the elderly if possible. A little conversation with a lonely old neighbor every now and then can really brighten their life

Most people talk with the elderly as a kind of charity to their elders. I see it when people talk with my grandma. There is this fake excitement to have a conversation with her. The conversation is always “how was that chicken you just ate pretty tasty huh” “the weather is nice today”. I know a lot of people that are creeped out by old people and distance themselves. There also those that don’t see what they can get out of time with an old person. I hate when people talk to elderly like children. What they never talk about with her is how when my grandma was 20 she was a roller waitress in San Diego. She used to have to drive around the south of the bay to get to Coronado island because they hadn’t built a bridge yet. She use to go out there with her friends to make campfires and lounge on the beach. She absolutely lights up talking about that and it really is interesting to imagine my grandma as a young woman exploring the world of the 1940s and 50s. Every old man I meet can tell me war stories about his life as a young bachelor. They are people so don’t treat the act of talking to them like a chore to make grandma feel better. Every elderly person is a time machine that most people don’t even give a shit about.

Tell your parents/grandparents to call your phone number immediately if they ever get a call saying that you need money

Scammers will call older people and try to make it sound like their son/daughter is in trouble and they need some amount of money wired to a weird address. By having them call your phone number if they ever get a call like this, it will prevent them from losing money or having their identity stolen

When you are visiting a friend who is unemployed, don’t ask him how the job search is going. Let them bring it up first if they need to do so.

Your friend has been dealing with the stress of looking for work all day long, isolated, ruminating over what could happen, feeling self doubts. Having you come over is a mental health break from all that, a welcome distraction. Don’t harsh that by asking this common questions and getting his mind back on that track again.

In order to be a better conversationalist, don’t ask yes/no questions. Instead, ask open ended questions that require a more thoughtful, in-depth response

I’ve always liked ” tell me about your day” vs ” how was your day”. I always get a better answer than the normal “good” or whatever.

Always let a dog sniff your fist first before trying to pet him, then scratch under the chin and on the sides. Never reach or stand over a dog. Reaching over top a dog’s head can be threatening.

50% of a job is just being friendly to the right people

A ‘C+’ worker becomes an ‘A-‘ with the right attitude. Honestly, in many jobs you could practically skate by just being a delight to your co-workers.

If someone calls your phone looking for someone you know, don’t give out the persons info. Instead, take a name and number and give it to the person you know

If you get a call from someone looking for a friend/family member or their information, even if you don’t get a name and number of the caller tell your friend someone called trying to find them.

Just because you didn’t give the caller the info does not mean someone else didn’t give the caller the information. If it’s a stalker/abuser etc. trying to find your friend or family member then they won’t stop at you. Give your friend/family member a heads up! It might prepare them for or save them from a dangerous encounter.

When visiting elderly relatives ask them if they’ve met any new and/or exciting people recently, it could prevent them from being scammed

Everyone knows scammers online prey on unsuspecting people targeting lonely and gullible people. Commonly elderly people get targeted most. Asking them about new people can reveal if they meet new people overseas who the family may not know. It may not stop an initial scam but it can prevent future ones.

Learn how to convince people by asking questions, not by contradicting or arguing with what they say. You will have much more success and seem much more pleasant

I’s about guiding them to the answer. It’s the difference in showing someone how to fix a bike, and walking them through fixing their bike. They’ll be more interested, and will come out with a better understanding. If you know they’re wrong, don’t tell them they’re wrong; ask questions that will make them rethink their point and realize they’re wrong.

Learn exactly how much you can drink without loosing your temper, your wallet or your erection. Learn this as quickly as possible

Don’t put your life on hold waiting for closure on something you’re struggling with. Many of life’s most difficult situations don’t have reasonable explanations.

“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.” – Tupac Shakur

There are still 10,000 puppy mills in the United States. If you’re buying a dog, insist on seeing the breeder’s facilities…Or just don’t buy dogs. Rescue. There are many great dogs who need homes in shelters.

If someone asks you a question that can be easily googled, please consider the fact that this person might just want to talk with you.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” Translates from cop speak as “Are you stupid enough to incriminate yourself for my benefit?”

Never answer this even if it is obvious. At best, you have just admitted guilt. A worse possibility is that you confess something else:

You: “Because I didn’t come to a complete stop / speeding / seatbelt?”

Cop: “No, your tail light is out. But I’ll write that down too.”

If you are involuntarily bumped off a flight, airlines are required to pay you. If you ask.

2x ticket price, up to $675, for 1-1:59 min hold over, and 4x ticket price, up to $1300, for anything over 2 hours hold over. DO NOT take their free meal or flight vouchers. They must pay upfront in cash if you ask for it.

Genuinely caring about somebody a lot, does not guarantee they care about you equally (or at all) in return. Some people will never care about you regardless of what you do or say. So don’t assume somebody appreciates you just because you do nice things for them.

This is something that I unfortunately didn’t learn until well into adulthood – It may sound obvious when its spelled out, but when you’re in the actual situation its not always so clear. Most of my life I thought if I really cared about somebody a lot, then they must care about me to some degree in return. It always felt like that connection was so strong it had to be mutual, even if the obvious signs showed otherwise. Despite certain people treating me like dirt and rarely reciprocating, I would do everything I could to make them happy. I would go out of my way to help them, say & do nice things for them, encourage them, etc..with the assumption they’d eventually show their appreciation for me being in their lives. I’d think “how could they not care about me when I make it so obvious how much I care about them? If I just keep trying they’ll come around”. This was especially true for people who maybe showed signs they cared at some point in the past, but weren’t anymore.

What I’ve learned over the years is that a lot of times that reciprocal connection is imagined. The amount you love somebody does not always affect how much they love you back. People can and will use you and your emotions. And just because somebody may have once cared about you in the past, doesn’t mean they still do now or ever will again in the future…theres often nothing you can do to change their feelings through any good deeds or kind words.

I’m not talking about classic “nice guy” syndrome. Not the crush who friend-zoned you that you’re desperately trying to win over by being nice when there should have never been any expectation of feelings to begin with…I’m talking about people who you genuinely feel a meaningful connection with. Whether that be friends, family, or romantic partners.

I wasted a lot of time on people expecting them to suddenly start reciprocating my feelings and actions. I’d be convinced I could win people over (or back over)…including bad friends and former relationships…if I was just nice enough to them and let my feelings be known. Looking back I should have cut my loses far sooner. I should have focused more on finding people who not only cared about me, but wanted to make me happy in return.

Its important not to assume somebody appreciates you just because you love them and do good things for them.You can waste a lot of time and energy focusing on people who will never really care no matter what you do.

If your dogs gets out and comes back, don’t scold it. Reward it for coming back

When you cringe from something embarrassing you used to do in the past, treat it as a good feeling. The cringe means that you’re recognizing that you’ve gotten more mature with time

When trying to learn a language, watch cartoons. They have simplified conversations which are much easier to understand

When someone offers to do something nice for you, like pay for dinner or help carry a heavy item, let them. When you refuse someone’s kindness you’re denying their opportunity to experience the joy of giving

You’re also denying yourself the experience of receiving kindness. It’s easy to think that by refusing help you’re not imposing or being a burden. But accepting kindness with gratefulness and appreciation is always the better path.







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