First Date Food for Thought (5 PICS)

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“Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a date” shouts paddy McGuiness on ITV, the hard work and grafting are now over. However, you now find yourself fronted with a different set of challenges. Not just what to wear, where to go or how many times can I text her without sounding creepy, but just as important is deciding what to eat. If you’re looking to push for that second date, or end the night with a bang, excuse the pun, then eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods will help. may well have given you the tips and tools to get your date in the bag, and now it’s up to you to seal the deal. Choosing where to eat and what to eat will be your next big step.

Curb the Carb

“Oh, the Lasagne sounds delicious”. I would certainly think twice about this, any large lasagne or pasta dish will spike your carbohydrate intake but then swiftly bring you down to earth with a bump. Within minutes, you will feel very sluggish and may even want to take a nap, either way that is not good if you’re looking for performing later in the night!

Garlic Bread

Sticking with carbs, garlic bread is also a no good food of choice. Traditionally we know garlic can cause bad breath, not good when up close and personal on a date. But also your body excretes garlic via its pores and perspiring. So if you’re thinking of getting up to what I think you want to get up to then bedroom gymnastics will cause you perspire and sweat garlic, that sounds gross!

Chill out on the Chilli

Choosing to have a big bowl of acidic and spicy ingredients may not be the wisest choice on a first date. Components such as peppers, chilies, tomatoes can wreak havoc with your digestive system, build up heartburn and cause chest pain. All of which will certainly put you off you’re A game and stop you pulling out your best moves. Choose milder foods to stay in the game and get the result you want.

Cake Night

Your first date night doesn’t have to turn into cake night. Although believe it or not I have gone as far as a desert with a lady on date night but don’t choose the doorstep chocolate cake. Of course, small quantities are not so bad, all in moderation. But if you both indulge in a piece the size of your topical man-bag then be prepared for the consequences. Chocolate cake together with your full stomach, lined with alcohol can bring on heartburn, acid reflux and bloating. Not necessarily what you want to hear if you’re thinking of going back to hers for a coffee.

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