First Date Mishaps (3 pics)

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Dating online has allowed us all to cast our fishing nets further and wider than ever before and if you’re like me then you may well have caught the odd Wellington boot or even the village bike, excuse the pun! But by meeting people online easier than ever before has also led to more of first dates than ever before. You may have even used the top tips suggested at to work your magic and bag yourself a date! Either way, one little mistake can make all the difference between a second date, getting some action or going back to your net and casting it even further. Here are some first date mistakes to avoid.

Is it even a date?

You have done all the hard work, all the grafting, and boy does it take some grafting sometimes and you have arranged to meet up. But wait, is this even a date? If you have met someone through a dating website then fair enough you can assume you’re on a date. A common issue, however, is dating someone you already know, a friend of a friend or someone from the past. Are you just catching up, is this just a coffee, do I even like coffee?

Whatever THIS is you need to sort it out and quick, don’t let time pass you by to get some clarification, it will only get worse and more awkward the longer you leave it. Just be confident when bringing it up, for example, “since we have been speaking a lot more lately, to be honest, I didn’t know if this was just a coffee or an actual date…” Be assertive, say it with a smile and be ready for the answer to go either way. Whatever the response, at least you can enjoy your coffee with some company.

You’re Late

In the immortal words of Conor McGregor, “sorry I’m late, I just don’t give a f*ck”, well, unfortunately, that just won’t cut it here. Not just because I am assuming you’re not a multimillionaire mixed martial arts fighter but because your date it waiting and being late is a cardinal sin. You must aim to get ready early and leave for your date early; this will also help with your nerves. I know unforeseen circumstances can get in the way, we have all used that excuse, but there is something you can do. Be honest and keep in touch, text her let her know your running late and that you will be there in 5 or 10 minutes, but make sure you are. Any later and you will be asking for a table and coffee for one, and nobody wants that!





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