The Greatest People Of 20th Century Have Left Their Heritage… In Form Of These Ladies And Gentlemen (20 pics)

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Rose and Tatiana Schlossberg (granddaughters of John and Jacqueline Kennedy)

Rose is the eldest granddaughter of the Kennedys, in whose image one can find much in common with her legendary grandmother Jacqueline. The young woman graduated from Harvard, is interested in cinema, and has recently debuted in an online comedy series. Her sister, Tatiana, graduated from Yale University and works as a journalist. The sisters have a younger brother, John, who graduated from the Faculty of History and is taking the first steps in his political career.

Emma Ferrer (granddaughter of Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer)

Emma is the daughter of Sean, the actress’s eldest son. The young woman has been painting well from her early childhood. She studies at the Florence Academy of Art and, like her grandmother, collaborates with UNICEF. Of course, fashion scouts couldn’t ignore the granddaughter of one of the great actresses of the past century. A few years ago, Emma signed a contract with a modeling agency and took part in several photo shoots.

Alyson Le Borges (granddaughter of Alain and Nathalie Delon)

A photographer, not knowing who was standing in front of him, once said to her, "If Alain Delon was a woman, he would look exactly like you." Alyson truly inherited the beauty and charm of her grandfather, but she decided to become a model and not an actress. However, with such a fantastic appearance there’s nothing surprising: one wants to look at such a model again and again.

Levi Dylan (grandson of Bob and Sara Dylan)

This charming young man, like many descendants of celebrities, doesn’t renounce contracts with model agencies and tries his hand at the fashion world. According to Levi, music also occupies an important place in his heart: the guy plays guitar and writes songs for himself and his friends, but he’s not going to make his way to the musical Olympus yet.

Anne Charrier (granddaughter of Brigitte Bardot and Jacques Charrier)

In the image of one of Brigitte Bardot’s granddaughters you can easily find the same features as in her grandmother — at least a unique French charm. Anne started her theatrical career in 1999 and eventually began to receive more and more interesting offers in movies and on television. Today she successfully plays diverse roles.

Charlotte Casiraghi (granddaughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III)

Charlotte is the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and the granddaughter of the legendary film star Grace Kelly. The young woman studied at the Sorbonne, is engaged in charity and journalism, enjoys riding, and in her spare time shoots for fashion brand adverts. For example, for some time she was the face of Gucci.

Diana Picasso (granddaughter of Pablo Picasso)

In the large Picasso family, there should be at least one person who somehow connected their life with art: this is Diana, the artist’s granddaughter. The woman studied private law and art history and worked with Sotheby’s auction house, speaking as an expert. Now Diana works with exhibitions of the world’s leading museums and is a member of art organizations. Her grandfather would have been proud of his granddaughter!

Selah, Skip, and Nico Marley (grandchildren of Bob Marley)

Bob Marley left a lot of descendants behind: the musician had 11 children from 7 different women. At least three of his grandchildren became somehow known: Selah connected her life with the modeling business, Skip became famous with a joint song with Katy Perry, and Nico is a professional American football player who recently signed a contract with a famous club.

Riley Keough (granddaughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley)

Riley is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’s only daughter, from her first marriage. The young woman devoted herself to the cinema: she’s most known for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road (where she met her future husband). She was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in the TV series The Girlfriend Experience.


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"Skip [Marley] became famous with a joint song with Katy Perry"





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