How Not To Be Afraid Of The S Word (3 pics)

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Sex anxiety is a thing, believe it or not, sex itself can be a daunting prospect and when you naughty date your anxiety levels can be through the roof. We would like to share with you our top tips to boost your confidence around the S word and ensure you are not afraid of entering into sex, excuse the pun!

Sex does create a sense of fear, anxiety and even pressure to do it in the first place let alone do it properly. Knowing where to put what where, what to say, what to do is a minefield, but you can certainly tip toe around this obstacles and gather confidence along the way. Feeling this way is completely natural and normal even amongst your friends, they just may not choose to admit it.


However, in spite of this normality anxiety in this situation is not productive and it can go against you when it comes to getting some action. Although the mere fact that you are reading this article and approaching this funny world of sex means that you are thinking about it positively, looking for tips and have the right attitude to overcome your feelings and perceptions of sex. The more prepared you are for the S word the more likely you are to have positive experiences and feelings about intercourse. Preparation is a key element to lowering your anxiety and enjoying the experience as you should.

Porn Ban

Watching adult material is not the best way to educate yourself about the expectations of sex. If it was I think a lot of us would be in trouble and wouldn’t know where to start. This films and videos are unrealistic and suggest fantasies rather than reality. Just take one step at a time and don’t think by watching a well-chosen movie that you will become an expert overnight; because if this was true you would also become the handy plumber that turns up on time or the handsome next door neighbor who needs a pint of milk!


By boosting your confidence you also decrease your fears and anxiety. You can do this by educating yourself and developing your understanding, the best way to achieve this is to communicate. Being with a partner who is ready to take this journey with you can be very helpful, although communicating with them and discussing your next steps is crucial.

Even if you’re not with someone, your potential future sexual partner should embrace and respect the fact that this is your first time. Or if it’s not your first time it’s your first time with them, and don’t forget it’s their first time with you. These dynamics can be discussed and worked on before you do the deed. The special time is for both of you and if you can communicate between the two of you it will be a more pleasant experience for all.


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