Cooking Is Not That Hard When You Know All The Tricks Of The Trade (15 pics + 2 gifs)

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A wooden spoon will help take out pomegranate seeds in seconds.

Cut the pomegranate into halves, and pat each half with a wooden spoon. All the seeds will end up in your bowl in a matter of seconds. See for yourselves.

Grate frozen butter with a grater.

If you like spreading butter on toast, try grating it frozen in advance — it will easily spread on bread this way. This and other tricks are shared here.

Batter will rise faster in a microwave.

If your batter rises too slowly for your liking, put a cup full of water into the microwave and turn it on high power until the water boils. Then place the covered batter into the microwave with the hot water still there and close it. The warm steamy air will make your batter rise faster. See this trick here.

Make a perfect poached egg in a bag.

Spread some butter over the inside of a small plastic bag, and break an egg in there. Tie up the bag with a rubber band as close to the egg as possible to keep its shape. Put the egg into boiling water for 3 minutes. Here are the rest of the details.

A simple trick to make wine even tastier.

This method will improve the taste of any wine, especially a young one. Pour the wine into a liquidizer, turn it on max for 15-30 seconds, and let the foam recede. Enjoy your drink! Here’s the recipe.

Quickly shelling a boiled egg in a glass of water.

To quickly shell a boiled egg, put it into a glass or a small jar of water and shake it for a few seconds. Here you go! The egg is shelled! See for yourselves here

A banana filled with chocolate — delicious and healthy.

If you like sweets and bananas, this will definitely be your favorite treat. Take a banana, some chocolate spread, a straw, and a syringe. Stick the straw into the center of the banana, draw the spread with the syringe, and push it into the straw. Place your banana into the fridge for an hour, and your delicacy is ready. Here are the details.

All you need for this ice cream is a banana.

Peel a couple of bananas, cut them into small pieces, put them in a deep bowl, and place it into the freezer for 1-2 hours. Then mix them thoroughly... and enjoy! All the secrets are here.

Fish won’t stick to the grill if you put some lemons underneath.

Put the fish slices onto a layer of sliced lemons placed either on the grill or in the basket. The result will surprise you. Here’s where the secret comes from.

Use cooking spray for sticky ingredients.

When measuring sticky ingredients, such as honey or peanut butter, use cooking spray on your measuring cups: it’ll make things much easier.

Unscrew the top of a jar with rubber gloves.

If you can’t unscrew the lid of a jar, try doing it in rubber gloves or just put a rubber band on the lid. The trick is from here.

A quick way to cut herbs.

Quickly cut herbs with large leaves, such as basil or sage, by rolling them up. Here are the details.

Making the dough even.

To make sure your baking dough is evenly spread, use two chopsticks as guide tracks. Here you can see this method applied.

Make hash browns in your waffle iron.

If you want to fry as little as possible, you’ll probably like the idea of making hash browns in a waffle iron. You can also make an omelet this way. Here’s the recipe.

Cool your wine in 15 minutes.

Wrap a wine bottle in a towel, and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes to cool it quickly. Here’s the source.

Meat rack out of tinfoil.

Make your own roasting rack by rolling up some pieces of tinfoil and placing them into the bottom of the roaster. The meat won’t be overcooked this way. Here’s the author’s recipe.

Fresh juice right out of a tangerine.

If you want some fresh juice but have no squeezer at hand, try this trick. Cut the neck of a plastic bottle, then make a small hole in the tangerine rind to fit the cut-out neck. Glue the tangerine to the bottleneck, squeeze it well, and then just pour the juice into the glass. Here is how they do it.




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