Powerful Pictures That Will Make Your Day (50 pics)

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Flat tire in Alaska
Loving your job

Dr. Ted Rummel from the United States became paralyzed from the waist down, but it didn’t stop him from saving people’s lives. He soon returned to work and nowadays performs surgeries in a specialized wheelchair.

When your dad is a magician
A Christmas feast for everyone

Kelly and Zack Furr, a couple from Kentucky, decided to treat their pets to a real Christmas dinner.

When at 32 you still look like you’re 13

This girl is really 32 years old, but she has to flash her ID about 32 times a day to prove that’s her real age.

Waiting for a miracle
A girl with a heart of gold
He has his whole life ahead of him
Mother’s love
The present you’ve been waiting for
A brave little owl

Deputies from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado were on patrol when they came across this brave baby owl. It was sitting right in the middle of the road, so the police officers had to get out of their car to have a little friendly chat with the ’offender.’ A few minutes later they came to an agreement, and the baby owl flew away to safety.

’What will I tell my Mum?’
The photo says it all
Sharing is caring

One Saturday morning, this boy went to his father and said that he finally knew how he wanted to spend all the pocket money he’d been saving. The boy asked for help buying some food and making sandwiches. He and his father then handed it all out to homeless people.

A happy client
I should plan something like this for the weekend

Rolling down the hill on an enormous piece of cellophane!

True hospitality
Such a languishing look.
"I thought a cake for my dog’s birthday was a waste of money. Her reaction’s worth every cent."
When you shop online and see something inexplicable.
Seconds before.
A portable tactical dog.
"My colleague forgot something at home today."
Darth Catader.
When you try your best but it’s still not enough.
He who brings Mondays.
Just a photo from a doughnut store.
"My godson thinks he’s a prince."
Nothing special, just a man and his dog in a stroller in a supermarket.
"My nephew got bewitched at the airport."
"We need to have a serious talk about our dogs asking for snacks."
He’s a newbie. Don’t be too strict.
It was some walk!
A fashionista with his doggie in a bag.
Something’s not right with Genie...
"I think one of our dogs is smarter than the other."
Cat house

Little houses like this are provided for stray cats in Turkey. The words ’This is my house. Please don’t damage’ are written on it.

So different, but still together
Water fight

The elephants are throwing water on the villagers during the celebration of the New Year (Songkran) in Ayutthaya province, north of Bangkok, Thailand.

Grateful smile

A little donkey saved from the flood was so happy that it seemed to be smiling.

Funny game

Danish policeman playing a guessing game with a little migrant girl in Denmark.

Kindness is everywhere

A flight attendant feeding an old man who has recently undergone a stroke.

Joy of life

Paralyzed dogs get a chance to move and live a happy life as they used to. Lima, Peru

Happy birthday to you

A Zookeeper presents a walrus with a birthday cake made of herring.

Moving library

Ridwan Sururi is selecting new books for a specialized moving library while a boy is looking for something interesting to read. Indonesia

Loving hearts

Naoto Matsumura is the only person who wasn’t afraid of living in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone. He left the town with the others, but then returned to take care of animals left at home.

On the way home

Two boys on their way home after school. Nairobi, Kenya

Disinterested help

During the flood not far from Noakhali District, in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, a boy named Bilal saw a sinking young deer away from its family. Risking his life, he saved the animal from drowning.

Across the blue field

Two girls running across the field of bluebells. Marlborough, South England

Credits:  brightside.me

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