Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life (24 pics)

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Finding phones

In order to find your phone at home, copy and paste into the location bar of your browser. The system will call you for 5 minutes even if silent mode is on.

Cleaning windows

In order to understand which side of a window is not clean enough, wash the window inside the house with horizontal moves and outside the house with vertical moves.

Helping your guest find your house

Take a picture of your home, and send it to your guest when you tell him or her how to get to your house. This will make finding your home much easier.

Assembling devices without any "extra" parts left

In order to assemble a keyboard correctly after cleaning, take a picture of it before you disassemble it.

Getting rid of the smell of garlic

You can remove the smell of garlic from your hands by rubbing them against any stainless steel surface.

Getting ketchup out of the bottle

To make ketchup flow faster from the bottle, dip a straw in it.

Watching videos like on TV

To make YouTube show videos in full-screen mode and HD quality (if available) by default, paste the following into the location bar:

Lifting stains

You can make a stain remover by mixing equal amounts of dishwashing liquid and hydric dioxide. Put this mixture onto the spot, and it will immediately start dissolving.

Remembering and retelling

If you read or listen to something that you have to memorize, chew gum with a particular flavor. When you have to recollect this information with precision, chew gum with the same flavor — you will recollect everything easily.

Warming food quickly

Any food will take a few moments to get warm in a microwave if you move it to the edges of the plate.

Applying great manicures

If you want to apply your nail polish smoothly, thinly, without bubbles, and have it dry quickly, put it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

Walking in high heels all day long

In order to feel comfortable wearing high heels all day long, secure your second and third toes together by applying a Band-Aid over them.

Getting rid of a dripping tap sound

In order not to be irritated by the sound of a dripping tap, put a piece of string over it, and let the water go through it. It will keep you from going insane while you wait for a plumber.

Taking good pictures at the zoo

Before going to the zoo, be sure to wear clothes that are similar to the zoo workers’ uniforms. In this case, it is more likely that animals will turn to you "full face."

Think of every aspect of your being as a collection of muscles. The more you use them, the stronger they become.

Even when we’re doing nothing, we’re doing something. Even when you’re not working out, you’re working out.

If I do nothing all day, over time, I’ll get really good at doing nothing every day. If I eat 3 square meals a day, by the following month you’d expect me to be pretty decent at it. If I answer that call from my mum which I always ignore because it makes me feel anxious, and practice taking the plunge and just click ‘accept’ automatically whenever she calls, by next year I’d expect to be more able to handle difficult calls of any kind.

Whatever you do, but more importantly, whatever you’re NOT doing, becomes a muscle, which over time gets stronger. Be aware of what you’re getting good at, especially when it feels as though you’re not actually doing anything.

Let someone know you’re picking up the tab for a meal AFTER they’ve ordered. This allows a considerate friend to order what s/he wants freely and also prevents a colleague/acquaintance from taking advantage of your generosity.

If your printer is out of black ink, and you need urgent printout please change the color of the font #010101, which is 99% grey, it will help you quite a lot.

If you are examining nursing homes to place a loved one, look at the fingernails of the residents living there at the moment. Long fingernails (especially on men) would likely indicate that the home is either understaffed or does not care enough to do such a small task.

Also stick around for awhile. Ask for an activity calendar and peek in on some activities. I’m an activity director and healthcare says very little about the quality of life offered. Of course being comfortable physically is very important, but if residents sit in their room all day, their risk of depression skyrockets, simply because they have no engagement. No matter cognitive or physical level, a decent activity program should offer engagement to each and every resident- social, sensory, intellectual, physical, and religious.

When you have no cell service (multiple bars of service but nothing works) at a crowded event, turn off LTE in cellular settings. Phone will revert to a slower, but less crowded, 3G signal.

Carriers use multiple completely different frequencies for different generations of cellular technology. Since the vast majority of people have phones that support LTE (the fastest available now) this network will get clogged first, but the legacy network on different spectrum is indifferent to congestion on the LTE network.

Even if you’re pretty sure a friend can’t go to an event, invite them anyway.

Your friend will greatly appreciate you thinking of them, and may also be able to clear their schedule to allow them to go.

This also prevents said friend from feeling left out, and they can’t be angry for not being invited, should someone post things on social media or them just find out in general.

Don’t buy a house near a school until you’ve visited the property at both 8am and 3pm on weekday

I live across the street from a elementary school. Literally where the bus line starts lining up 30 minutes before kids get out. Its a nightmare. The other side of the school is for parent pickup and by the time kids get out there are 50 cars running down the whole road that have been lined up for just as long blocking traffic. And this is on small side street city roads. You can’t get in or out. And it’s not just buses & parking. There are hours of screaming children at lunches and recess. Imagine groups of 50 in shifts running wide open and venting like a tea pot. It’s not a place to buy if you work a 3rd shift job or want retire in quiet. And I would extend that time to 5pm. After school care & sports programs.

If you find someone’s identification card you can simply place it in your mail box and the post office will make sure it is returned. Free of charge no envelope just put it in mailbox! (I know this is the case for the U.S. not sure about elsewhere.)


A single flower given unexpectedly, goes a lot further than expensive arrangements on expected holidays.

When meeting someone for the first time, try and use their name as early as possible; eg, ‘Nice to meet you, [Name]’. You’ll have a greater chance at recalling their name and will feel more confident in addressing them, thereby earning their respect.

 The only thing worse than saying ‘I’m sorry, what was your name again?’ is having someone say it to you. People like hearing their own name, especially from someone they’ve just met. Make a habit of saying their name in subsequent sentences and you won’t go wrong.


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