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Don't Hold It In, Literally (7 pics)

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Chronic Constipation

When you have to shit, your body is letting you know that you’ve got to get rid of the waste and bacteria that has found itself trapped inside of your body. Obviously, keeping that shit locked inside of you isn’t good for the body, which is why your brain sends you signals saying “Dude, let’s get these Hershey Squirts going.” When you resist these signals, the pressure starts to build and chronic constipation starts to set in.


Keeping your poop from free fallin’ results in bloating. When it gets stopped at the gates, it gets sent back to the rectum where it becomes harder after absorbing water. This leads to a decent amount of pain and possible colon damage.

Muscle Dysfunction

Your sphincter, along with other digestive muscles, is meant to be constantly relaxed. When you hold in a #2 for even a few hours, these muscles are under significant amounts of stress and can even be damaged. This can also result in distended bowels and future problems with stooling.

Organ Damage

Shit is getting serious at this point. Organ damage is not something you want to have. Taking constant shits and emptying your bowels is crucial for flushing out your system and maintaining good health. Poop being kept in your bowels can result in it hardening and create pressure against other organs in your body. This could result in an infection that could eventually lead to massive problems like a heart attack, organ failure, or internal bleeding.

Fecal Impaction

Digestion involves the walls of your intestines slowly absorbing the nutrients found in the foods you eat. The stuff that is left over is what ultimately gets pushed out of your rear end. When you don’t excrete the leftovers, they get stuck in the colon and eventually dry up and stick to the wall. It’s impossible to excrete this dried up shit and it can cause more waste backup.


Ignoring the natural rhythm of your body and stopping yourself from excreting waste on a constant basis can lead to a form of digestive cancer. Bowels can become infected and that infection can be carried to other parts of your body and eventually mutate into digestive cancer which is a very serious thing.


Straight up. You can die from not shitting. When we don’t shit we have a build up of waste and bacteria in our bodies. The toxic materials that build up inside of you will eventually kill you if you don’t excrete them out. So, take your bathroom breaks, enjoy a nice plopper, it could save your life.

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The_Tinman 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
"the more you know...." The Izzy PSA's are nice from time to time, but I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us go take a shit when we need to.