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The Best Things To Like About The U.S. (17 pics)

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Foreigners reveal the things they liked the most about USA.


“Montana. How is that place even real?!?! It’s so beautiful!!!!” — whooperwhoot

“Indonesian here…

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Disneyland (fuck all disneylands in Asia, except Tokyo)

General Tso’s Chicken

Burgers (in n out, whataburger), heck even your McD is better than ours Bacon. The first thing I ate in the US was slices of American bacon during breakfast in a hotel. I’ll never forget its taste after more than 20 years.” — vandebay

“Tom Hanks” — deldri

“They have an aisle for cereal.

It’s 60 feet by 10 feet, that’s 600 squarefeet. In Bombay that’s a school.

American cereal is the best breakfast ever. The whole point of cereal is to get milk into kids. Make milk interesting. What God did with tits, America did with breakfast cereal.” — CurrentlySingle

“Strawberry milkshakes” — metroix4566

“Alcohol is super cheap. And your national parks are sweet although very crowded.” — baggs22

“Muscle cars. Not so much modern ones but classics.” — Desister

“People are so friendly. It’s crazy. Also the sense of… vastness. Freedom. When we drove through Nevada and stopped in the middle of nowhere. I have never felt so free in my entire life. Not the cliche “freeeeeedom” but an actual sense of just looking around and feeling just… free.” — Netsuko

“The availability of products and services. You guys don’t realize how much you’ve got. Anything and everything you can ever want is at your fingertips and it’s for the most part taken for granted.” — Koriru

“Your absolutely mad AF BBQ.

I always saw that shit on TV shows like Man vs Food or BBQ Pitmasters. You just don’t get that kind of stuff in New Zealand.” — SinusMonstrum

“Flamin hot cheetos” — JoXand

“I like how much Americans value their regional cultures and how much they support small business. I also love the blues and how cheap your beer and smokes are.” — Gurgleguy123

“How polite the people can be. One time, when I was in Orlando I sneezed in public and about 5 people, all of whom were strangers, said “bless you” to me in unison. Idk why, but seeing that politeness was the highlight of my trip to America.” — Celebrity_Takedown

“I love those houses with a porch all around.” — Siegbertsdottir

“NASA” — autistic_toe

“How seriously committed most Americans are to reading their Constitution and knowing their rights.

Lame response, I know, but I do think Americans take their freedoms that much more seriously than other nationalities, and I think that’s great.” — DeadlySkies

“My American wife” — LukeKnightwalker

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