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This Couple Found Hidden Treasure Inside A Secret Door In Their New Home (33 pics)

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Imgur user CzarMatt has found a small trap door in his new house's closet, revealing the coolest treasure chest you've ever seen.


“Did you know we had a trap door?” she asked CzarMatt

Really!? CzarMatt was surprised, as he had never noticed it. He tried to open the small door and …

… to their disappointment, there was nothing inside except a dusty old plastic sheet …

… and that’s when they noticed what appeared to be an old lacquered chest

Hauling out the old chest was not as easy as they thought it would be

There was definitely something inside the mysterious chest!

And it was locked tightly as well

There was a keyhole, but of course …

… they didn’t have the key

Luckily, CzarMatt had a few tools on hand to pry open the latch

Almost got it …

Bingo! And voila! There’s treasure inside!

They discovered a smaller chest inside as well

As well as coins of all cultures and ages …

… some over 100 years old

This one was from 1885!

This one-cent piece was from 1859

There were coins from Japan and elsewhere

Besides the treasure, CzarMatt’s wife found something even more special hidden in the lining

Amazing! A Silver Surfer hologram trading card! Remember those?

Then it was time for exploring the smaller chest …

which also had an unusual lock

Luckily, CzarMatt’s wife found a key!

What’s inside?

Just a few cloth bags?

Wow! Amazing antique watches. Whoever owned all this was a real collector!

How much is it all worth?

Amazingly, two of the watches were still working

There was a ring with the old Girl Scout emblem on it

Credits: imgur.com

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