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If Your Ex Spies On You – Make Sure To Have Fun! (6 pics)

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Today in Things That Have Made International News And We Don’t Know Why, a young lady from the UK got some sweet revenge on her ex-boyfriend. 18-year-old Tiffany Badland had broken up with her boyfriend, over three weeks ago. Yet the spurned lover continued to show up at her house uninvited to spy on her, peering through her windows. Damn, why can’t he just spy on her through Facebook like a normal ex?

Tiffany told The Sun that her former boyfriend turns into a peeping tom after he’s knocked back a couple brews with the boys. “He goes out every weekend with his friends and gets really drunk and looks through my windows.”

So in order to get revenge on the guy who would routinely be caught peeking through the cracks of her blinds, she concocted a plan. She took pillows and blankets and stuffed them into her ex’s tracksuit he left behind in order to make what she calls “pillow men.” She wanted her ex to think that one of the pillow men was his own brother. And so she and some friends ordered Chinese food one night, and sat on the couch pretending to canoodle with the fake dudes.

While this sounds like a farfetched scheme, sure enough the drunk ex-boyfriend showed up at Tiffany’s house with his bros, and peeked in the window. He was enraged when he saw the girl with her arm around the “man” – even appearing to make out with him. And in some sort of Shakespearean twist the ex-boyfriend did indeed believe it to be his own flesh and blood brother who had betrayed him.

He began banging on the windows and yelling at the girl and her “new lover.” However the prank may have backfired as the ex-boyfriend in still convinced that his brother was actually hooking up with Tiffany and he witnessed the whole thing. This despite the fact she posted the pillow men on social media and revealed the prank. That must have been some dummy.

She posted on Facebook; “When your ex is a weirdo who spies through your windows with his mates when he’s wrecked to see if you have lads round, so you make some pretend lads just to piss him off. Absolutely howling!!!”

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