Sometimes You Find Your Lost Things In The Most Unexpected Places (40 pics)

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Went To Fiji 14 Years Ago. Became Really Close Friends With Fijian A Taxi Driver. Went Back To Europe And Lost Contact. Went Back To Fiji And Found That Very Same Man Last Week

Found This Note On My Car After Work Yesterday. Lost My Hubcap When I Moved Across The Country. Thanks Kind Stranger!

So My Dad, A Fisherman At Lake "Attersee", Austria, Just Fished Up His Old, Lost Wallet In One Of His Fishnets, After He Had Dropped It Into The Lake 20 Years Ago

The Book This Professor Just Bought on Amazon Is the One She Lost 5 Years Ago

My Dog Passed Away Two Years Ago. He Hid His Favorite Toy Before He Went And I Couldn't Find It Anywhere. Found It This Morning And It Has Turned Into A Beautiful Memorial. Big Manly Tears Were Shed

So My Brother Couldn't Find His Keys This Morning And Was Late For Work... His 2-Year-Old Son Had Borrowed Them

A Woman Lost Her Wedding Ring In 1995 Found It 16 Years Later When She Was Picking Carrots

We Lost The 6th Book In The Series. After Two Months, We Finally Found It!

Our Doorknob Was Stolen At A Party We Threw Last Weekend, Today It Shows Back Up With This Note

My Buddy Lost His iPhone In Early February And Just Found It, Frozen Into Our Driveway. And It Still Works!

Opened Up My Piano. Found My Childhood Inside. Just As I Left It

My Grandpa Hung His Skates On A Small Tree When He Was Younger. He Forgot He Had Left Them There And Found Them Years Later

My Father Lost His Reading Glasses About Two Years Ago. Found Them Today

While Ripping The Carpet Out Of Our Miata We Found 18 Years Of Lost Change

Golf Ball Lost Years Ago Found Embedded In Tree Trunk

I Lost This Ring A Couple Of Years Ago... Found It When I Was About To Replace My Monitor

82-Year-Old Man Just Discovered His Lost Wedding Ring In Carrot From His Own Garden

Found This Old Thing After I Thought I Lost It Years Ago... Still Fits Like A Glove

So I Got My Dad A Metal Detector For Christmas , The First Thing He Finds Is An Old Pipe I Made In High School (20 Years Ago) He Is Super Exited And Has No Absolutely No Idea Of What It Is

Been Contacted By A Man Who Found My Wallet At Reading 2003, Took £10 Out To Buy Cider And Held An Annual Drinking Competition In My Honour

My Wife Is A Middle School Librarian. I Found My Favorite Tie I Thought I Lost

A Good Samaritan Found The Wallet I Lost In The Ocean. 24 Years Ago

Remember When Zip-Offs Were All The Rage? Here's What Happens When You Find The Bottoms A Decade Later

My Friend Lost His Wedding Ring In The Atlantic Ocean And This Woman Found It With Her Metal Detector 4 Hours Later

My Old Stegosaurus Coffee Mug. Had Lost It For Years Until My Mom Found It And Surprised Me With Eggnog Served In It On Thanksgiving

6 Years Ago My Ex Lost Her Luggage At The Cottage. It Was Found Floating Down The River This Weekend By My Mother. Bonus Whiskey Inside!

After 1 And 1/2 Years I Found My Long Lost Ipod Under The Kitchen Table

In 1986 My Friend Bought A Ticket To See Prince Live In Copenhagen, He Lost It And Couldn't Go. 29 Years Later He Finds The Unused Ticket In The Back Off A Book

I Finally Found My Long Lost Mitch Hedberg Autograph. For Those Unable To Decipher It, It Says "Fuck You Now I'm Late"

Just Found My Lost Wallet From Fourth Grade With Over 300 Dollars In It, I Expected Something More Like 20

Throwing Out An Old Couch I Found A Necklace I Lost 2 Years Ago From Mom

Dad Lost His Wallet In A Lake 20 Years Ago, Someone Found It Today While Fishing

N64 I Thought Was Lost In A House Fire I Had Years Ago... Found It In Storage At Moms House

My Step Moms Gift To My Dad: His Original Gun That He Used When He Had Fallen In The Line Of Duty. It has Been Stolen, Pawned, Sold To Multiple People, And Lost For Years. Finally Got Back To The Rightful Owner

My Mom Lost A Very Special Earring Overseas While Visiting Relatives Two Months Ago. We Searched For Days When It Went Missing. Today We Found It

Woman Got An Extra Carrot With Her Diamond Ring When It Was Found In Her Vegetable Patch 13 Years After She Lost It

Left A Toy In My Grandparents Tree As A Kid, The Tree Grew Around It

Fifteen Years Ago, My Dad Lost His Wedding Ring And Assumed That Someone Took It. Today, He Was Planting Bamboo And Found Something Shiny In The Dirt

My Mom's Class Ring Was Lost 34 Years Ago In A River In VA. Now It's Been Returned To Her In TN!

A Few Months Ago, I Lost My Favourite False Lashes While Exceptionally Drunk At A Party. Today I Found Them Pressed Between The Pages Of A Notebook I Keep In My Purse. Blackout Drunk Me Is Such A Sweetie


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channax 5 year s ago
#12 Grandpa + Skates = FAKE !
#27 After 1 And 1/2 Years ... WITHOUT CLEANING ...
Under The Kitchen Table , I Found My Long Lost Ipod
#7, #17 , #36 - so ... rings GROW in carrots !




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