Big Companies Have Big Dirty Secrets… (15 pics)

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“Printer ink cartridges are meant to signal that they’re empty after a certain number of pages, even if they still have some ink left.” – cogenix

“A lot of people probably know that when a tv show goes into syndication that some scenes will be cut from episodes to make them slightly shorter, to fit in more commercials.What people don’t know is that the show can be slightly sped up as well, to squeeze in just a little more advertising.” – borkencode

“You use too much dawn dish soap. That stuff is ridiculously concentrated.” – evil420pimp

“Grocery store bakeries do not bake the cakes they decorate. That stuff comes in frozen. Stop asking me to bake you a carrot cake. On top of that most of the baking in grocery store bakeries is just pulling frozen pastries or muffins or whatever out of a box and panning it up, then putting it in the proofer /oven. We don’t really make things anymore.” – derpsha

“At Subway my manager never once bought real mayonnaise. The Light Mayo and the Real Mayo are both Light Mayo. Investigate those fuckers.” – plantfuker

“In sofa/couch commercials they use smaller actors/models to make the sofas/couches look bigger.” – YammothyTimbers

“Nearly every caller you hear on top 40 radio is either a intern or someone else close to the studio, everything is fake. Especially that war of the roses shit.” – Puff_puff_ass

“Every programmer in the world occasionally writes a very bad code that sticks with the app/program forever.” – isowolf

“A bottle of Windex is basically 95% water 4% ammonia, and 1% blue dye / fragrance. The most expensive part of the product is the bottle.” – joecooool418

“As call center employee I can assure you that ALL of our calls are recorded not for training purposes, but to protect our own asses.” – Ethstree24

“It feels like it shouldn’t be a secret, but a lot of people just don’t get it. If you find yourself waiting forever to be seen in the ER, that’s probably a very good thing. We get the serious stuff back there pretty dang quick.” – pause_and_consider

“I attended a songwriting workshop at berklee school of music, and Anna Wise (Grammy winning songwriter, Kendrick Lamar collaborator) told the audience during a presentation that whenever someone “magically” blows up on soundcloud or YouTube, that it’s not authentic. A label will sign the artist in secret, and then suddenly boost their viewership tremendously to make it look like the independent artist did it on their own.” – ben_levy2

Ask to have the late fee waived. I literally cannot do anything with it until you specifically ask. “So you have a late fee of $30 on this.”

“Gee that’s a lot. Why is it so much?”

“That’s the late fee we have. I do apologize for that inconvenience.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to pay it then…”

“Ok, so your bill is $150.”

“Do you realize how much that is?”

“Yes, and I do apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Well, can you do something about it?”

Yes. Now I can because you asked. Please stop making me feel guilty that you paid your bill late. – ndividualistic

“My sister was on The Biggest Loser. Jillian and Bob were there two maybe three days a week. They make it seem like they live there.” – Ahamp22

“Merlin Entertainments, the company that runs a wide variety of midway attractions like Legoland Discovery Centers as well as Legoland itself, pays most of their American employees less than Walmart. Oftentimes, employees love the job, but ultimately can’t afford to keep it. This causes a near 90% turnover rate.” – The_Hero_of_Legend




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