Science Could Be Your Key To Better Sex (10 pics)

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I’ll start this by saying No. No god no. NoOOooOooOOO. NO! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll segue into a study done by sex toy retailer LELO into the habits and satisfaction of men who experiment with what they call, “prostate play.” Allegedly, they experience better and bigger (up to 33%) orgasms, along with stronger erections. Hey, good for them! Nope.

Dude, just because she wants to incorporate a toy doesn’t mean she doesn’t want your Johnson. Some times you have to change things up and, no matter how skilled you may be, you don’t have a vibrate setting. According to a study performed by the Kinsey Institute, through toy play she will experience “higher levels of arousal, desire, lubrication and orgasm.” In other words, a toy is like your master key.

If you’re a guy and you did things right (or think you did), your first instinct is definitely to roll over and go to sleep. Not so fast, my friends! Cuddling with your partner, yes even AFTER sex, can result in more sexual satisfaction. Also, women, we aren’t just pieces of meat! A study published in 2014 in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed that cuddling after sex was frequently desired by both sexes.

What if I told you that you could be having better sex and more of it and all you had to do was give up eating meat? Could you do it? Well, the Journal Hormones and Behavior studied the behavior of colobus monkeys and found the males who ate plant-based diets, spent more time having sex than grooming themselves. I feel like this is something all men should aspire to, but at the cost of bacon? I just don’t know…

In a study of 39,000 people involved in serious, long-term relationships, researchers found a direct correlation between sexual satisfaction and saying, “I love you” during sex. In fact, they found that 75 percent of sexually satisfied men and 74 percent of women reported that “I love you” was said during sexual encounters, compared to 49 percent of sexually dissatisfied men and 44 percent of women.

If you “pre-game” appropriately, then she should produce her own lubricant, however, rubbing on a little Astroglide definitely won’t hurt things. An Indiana University study concluded that women who used extra lube had higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

They don’t call it “getting fresh” for nothing—try new things. Keep changing up your routine. In a study conducted on a whopping 38 thousand couples either married or living together, the most important aspect in maintaining a great sex life, was “trying new things.” The study went on to conclude that experimenting in the bedroom kept couple as sexually happy as they were those first six months they humped like rabbits.

Alright, this is one for all the geeks out there. A study of 5,329 people performed by found that Android phone users not only have more sex, but they also have better sex. In fact, 55% of Android users reported reaching orgasm 90-100 % of the time. Poor unfortunate iPhone users only clocked in at 48%. In conclusion, Android users are full of shit.

Alright, you knew this was gonna get campy at some point, but hear me out. The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health questioned 3,200 students between the ages of 18-26 about self-esteem, empathy, sexual health and satisfaction. The biggest takeaway from the study? Women who were in relationships with more empathetic males have significantly better sex. In other words, listen and put your lover first and you’ll both have a better time.

For once, the truth in this statement is a good thing. Sure, women may chase bad boys, but once they get them in the sack, there is no love lost. The “good guy,” known to have an altruistic personality, are more selfless in bed leading to more successful “coupling.” Hey ladies, if you’re not getting the good D, you might want to check your “friend zone.”


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frosch 5 year s ago
After reading nr. 1 I can only conclude that this was wriiten by a VIRGIN !!!
and he also must have an iphone !




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