You Didn’t Know These Websites Existed But You Still Need Them (26 pics)

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Wireless Internet Passwords from Airports Around The World – a crowdsourced (and constantly updated) list of airport internet passwords from around the world.

Noisli – produce the perfect ambient noise to help you relax at work or drift off at night.

How Many People Are in Space Right Now? – Answers the question it poses.

How Long To Read This? – a website that lets you know how long specific books take to read based on your own pace of reading.

Wordmark – allows you to see how a certain word or phrase will look in an almost infinite number of fonts.

Music Map – Type in your favorite artist and this website will tell you similar artists you might like.

My Fridge Food – simply type in the ingredients you have in your fridge and this website will give you an impressive list of recipes.

Down For Everyone or Just Me? – trouble accessing a site? Check here to see if it’s the sites fault of just you.

Still Tasty – find out how long meat, fish, and poultry should be kept in the refrigerator and freezer.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes – listen to the sound of crashing waves and just do nothing for 2 minutes.

The True Size – Compare how large countries truly are on this interactive map.

Caffeine Calculator – a nice little calculating device that lets you know how much of your favorite caffeine drink you should consume.

Have I Been Pwned? – if you think you may have had your email compromised in a data breach, then this website allows you to find out. Simply type in your email address and find out.

Numbeo – type in a city and find out how much it costs to live there.

The Magic iPod – mash-up a whole host of songs from the early 2000’s in a nostalgia-tinged funbox.

Is It Dark Outside? – locked in a windowless room? This site lets you know if it’s night or day.

Random Name Generator – need a name? This generator helps you to do just that, even allowing you to specify nationality and theme.

Privnote – it’s basically Snapchat for writing, with the note you send disappearing from the other person’s desktop after they have read it.

This To That – find out what glue to use to stuck two different materials together.

Hemingway – an online editor that improves your writing by making subtle changes.

Coolors – colorful website that provides you with the tools to adjust the hues and colors of your favorite photos.

Chordify – enter any YouTube video and this website will tell you the chords of the musical instruments involved.

Actual Size of an Inch – how long is an inch? Let this virtual ruler show you.

Which Book? – suggests books for you to read when you have serious reader’s block.

Muscle Wiki – a website that lets you know how to exercise or stretch out any muscle.

Radio Garden – browse the world in your search for the perfect radio station.



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