Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (39 pics)

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Rewritting History…Found In A School History Book

Navy SEALS underwater training

In 2015 the eiffel tower in Las Vegas went dark to honor Paris after the tragic terrorist attacks. Today, Paris honored Las Vegas

Man flips off Las Vegas gunman during active shooting

Air Force One Leaving Las Vegas by Mike Blake (Reuters)

Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, in 1996 wearing a bullet-proof vest under his suit for his address to Australian gun owners after banning guns in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre

What the ceiling of this airport’s smoking area looks like

A 19 year old Sofia Vergara

The size of a Grizzly Bear’s paw

“Little Joe”, a WWII crossbow used by Britain’s Special Operations Executive for covert missions where even a silenced pistol was too loud

Loaded View

Finnish Border Guard 5th Special Intervention Unit

Prolific scorer, Leo Messi, had been unable to get a goal past legendary keeper Gianluigi Buffon, until finally this past Tuesday. Here they are after the match

Before And After Transgender Transformations

The former US marine has served six tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, gotten married and raised a daughter before deciding to come out. Sona currently lives in Austin, Texas.

First grader learning about internet


Osino Bundi Tribal Chant Group in New Guinea

Saudi man shares a photo of him teaching his wife how to drive

Ford’s clever advertising after women in Saudi Arabia became allowed to drive

This is Jonathan Smith. He saved 30 people from the Vegas shooting last night before he was shot in the neck

Blown out window from the shooting in Las Vegas last night

Nicole Kidman after signing the divorce papers from Tom Cruise

An infamous photo of Nicole Kidman full of joy as she leaves an attorney’s office after her divorce settlement with Tom Cruise is finalised in 2001

A containership being escorted through the Panama Canal

Worlds oldest pairs of Levi’s Jeans found in a goldmine 136 years later

The Cavs’ potential lineup come playoff time

Marine Corps veteran Sgt. Michael Nicholson makes a putt during the 2017 Invictus Games

Conor McGregor facing Cristiano Ronaldo

The incredible armor of Henry II, King of France (ca. 1555)

Floyd Mayweather has some new artwork in his house

Skull of Joseph Merrick (the “Elephant Man”)

This hotel in Bangkok that sees a lot ladies of the night

Each bottle is the same whiskey matured in the cask for one year more than the last

Tyson Fury looks to be in worst shape ever

American Apparel now charges extra if you want your apparel made in America (they were bought by Gildan)

Old footballers vs. Modern footballers

High times top strains of 1977

A pallet of uncut bills

Serbian Basketball player, Boban Marjanović, with his wife

A winning manager showing his father the trophy his county received for winning the All Ireland for the first time in 29 years

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