These Are The Most Physically Painful Things Known To Humanity (17 pics)

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Road Rash

I promise you that the fella in this picture is either playing it cool for the camera or is still in shock. The top layer of your skin is completely shredded and your nerve endings are on fire. The first shower after having some road rash? Complete hell.


Tetanus is unimaginably painful. When your muscles start to lock up and spasm without your control, the pain is not only terrible, it’s a shit show to try and live with.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Never heard of it? “Well.. you’re lucky. Cause it’s hell.” – Jack Black, School of Rock.

The Trigeminal nerve is the one that has the job of supplying your head with sensation. When it’s got problems, it is extremely painful. It has been compared to being consistently hit in the head by a lightning bolt.

Penile Fracture

Fellas, you thing getting kicked in the nuts hurts? Well, it does, but a penile fracture is that times a hundred.

Torn Achilles

Have you seen the movie Hostel? If so, remember that scene with the Achilles tendon? Shit. It’s the strongest tendon in your body. It’s also the largest. When it gets cut or broken, the pain is said to be damn near unbearable.

Bullet Ant Sting

We’ve all heard about the legendary pain that a bullet ant can inflict on people. It is called a bullet ant because the sting is said to be like getting shot. Not only that, the pain worsens over the next 24 hours. You wouldn’t want to step on a nest of these little f*ckers.

Second Degree Burn

A second degree burn will give you an unbelievable pain that only seems to get worse. They’re awful. While third degree burns are worse, your nerves are likely damaged, so the pain isn’t as evident.

Kidney Stones

Even the tiniest of kidney stones can cause a pain so intense that one will throw up from the pain. Along with that, an intense fever. To put it bluntly, it fucking sucks.


This brutally painful and prolonged execution was used in Vietnam and China up until as recently as the 1900s. It consisted of someone being tied up and slowly cut up. They were kept alive as long as possible in order to have the pain last as long as possible.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

With the pain receptors in your body having zero control, swelling and intense pain will occur at random. There is no cure, and often times the best thing to do is to amputate.

Stone Fish sting

Not only are these things among the most venomous creatures on the planet, they have the uncanny ability to look just like a rock on the sea floor. This opens them up to being stepped on by innocent people. The sting from a Stone Fish is followed by an unbearable pain, fever, convulsions, and even death. Not a good way to go.

Tooth Abscess

Due to the insane amount of nerves found within the tooth, an abscess can be incredibly painful. Not only is the pain sharp and constant, it makes eating a nightmare.

Dercum’s disease

This is a disease in which little yet extremely painful tumours are growing throughout the body. Not only are they incredibly sensitive to touch, they’re very sensitive to heat. This means that something as simple as taking a shower can be very painful.


Being nailed to a cross and put on display left to die is supposed to be excruciating- in fact, that’s where the word excruciating comes from.

Cluster Headaches

Extremely painful, these headaches typically occur at night, and come in bursts. A cluster headache is said to be so painful that sufferers describe the pain as being stabbed right in the eyeballs repeatedly.

Irukandji Syndrome

Being stung by a Irukandji jellyfish is an entire ordeal that has to do with more than just pain. The venom of the jellyfish can cause the victim to suffer from a severe case of paranoia, and a feeling of immense danger oncoming. With care, the symptoms can fade away within a few weeks.


Everybody needs to stand up and applaud the women of this world who have given birth. It is supposedly one of the most painful things anyone can go through. We don’t even need any sort of scientific explanation, a baby slowly being pushed out of the vagina? That can’t feel good.


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redletter85 5 year s ago
This list just made my asshole pucker so hard that it tore a chunk out of the seat of my chair. Bravo.




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