Weight Loss Examples Are Always Amazing (40 pics)

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My 600-Pound Life - Before And After

I'm Finally Where I Want My Body To Be And I'm Happily Maintaining What I've Got. It Only Took Just Under 9 Years, It's Been Hard, But Now I'm Just Glad I'm Here

45 Pound Weight Loss In One Year

So I Lost 295 Lbs In The Last Decade. Pics Or It Didn't Happen

Combined Regular Cardio And Weight Training, Helped Me To Reduce My Weight From 223 Lbs (101 Kg) To 144 Lbs (65 Kg) In Slightly Less Than 2 Years

177 Kg Lost Between Us Both And We Still Ain't Done Yet

80 Lbs To 145 Lbs. Quit Drinking One Year Ago This Weekend

135 Lb Weight Loss

Christine Lost 175 Pounds And Learned To Love Her Stretch Marks

William Guinn Lost 230 Pounds In Order To Join The Army

Today Is 5th Year Of My Weight Loss Journey

I'm 55 Years Old And I Weigh 105 Lbs Less Than I Did Last Year. My Wife Lost 61 Lbs. No Tricks, Just Ate Better And Exercised

360 Lbs To 230 Lb In 24 Months. Face Gains!

I Have Been Overweight All My Life. I've Also Been On Diets All My Life. I Decided It Was Time To Change. So After Drastic Changes And Working Out 4 To 5 Times A Week, I Have Now Lost A Total Of 170 Pounds

Jonah Hill Is Weight Loss Goals

Lost 100 Lbs, And This Happened To My Face

Progress: Started Out At 298,8 Lbs, Now It's 193,8 Lbs

From 220 Pounds (100 Kg) To 110 Pounds (50 Kg)

Still The Same Girl, Just Less Than Half Of Me And A Hell Of A Lot More Respect And Gratefulness For Life, Health And Exercise. From 135 Kg To 65,7 Kg In 13 Months

340 Lbs Lost In 3 Years

Halloween Transformation, 2015 - Now, From Shrek To Moana

Two Years Ago, I Decided To Make A Change. 50 Lbs Later, I'm Training For A Half Marathon And Wore This To Work Today

130 Lbs Lost

Weight Loss, From 298 To 238 Pounds

Before And After Getting Fit

After Years Of False Starts, Broken Self Promises, I Finally Did It And Hit My Weight Loss Goal. 122 Lb Down As Of Yesterday

170 Pounds Gone Forever

This Couple From China Shed Half Of Combined Weight So They Can Have A Healthy Baby

Weight Loss Over Time. From 342 Pounds To 153 Pounds Down

100 Lbs In A Year

One Year Of No Alcohol Has Changed My Life. I Lost 53 Pounds And I'm 1000 Times Happier. I Tried To Recreate My Bloated Pic

From 210 To 137 Pounds

My Weight Loss Journey, 382 Lbs To 240 Lbs In A Year And A Half. This Is Me At My High School Graduation Vs My Tech College Graduation Yesterday

One Year And 200 Pounds Later - I Went From Not Being Able To Stand As A Spectator To Running The Same 10k

90 Lbs Lost

In The Last Year I Have Lost Over 200 Lbs From Exercise And Gastric Sleeve Surgery

3+ Years And 120 Lbs Later

I've Lost Over 160 Lbs Since 2014 And Run In My Third Ultra Marathon In 23 Days!

In 10 Months I Lost 60 Kg. And Now I've Been Maintaining For A Year

Lost 70 Lbs After Being Diagnosed With Celiac And Cutting Gluten. Got Serious In The Past Year And Lost The Remaining Weight By Tracking Macros And Lifting 5x/ Week

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

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jeskris 5 year s ago
#2 9 Years????? Seems like you didn´t commit that much to the task at hand




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