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A Story Of Transformation From Male To Female (25 pics)

Posted in Random » Wow   17 Nov 2017   / 8162 views

Ohio student Selgal shares the story of 17-month transformation involving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to become a female. HRT requires taking sex hormones and other hormonal medications. It brings out secondary sexual characteristics that develop at puberty but aren’t involved in reproduction.


“2 years pre HRT: Age 16, total pot head (get it?)”

“1st-month HRT, just started college. I always kept checking the mirror to see if I noticed any changes. But it turns out it takes a pretty long time for anything major”

“3 months HRT, starting to feel better. Still depressed but finally starting to feel like me”

“Trying to be cute when I really wasn’t lol, this is around 9 months HRT”

“I look like one of the dudes on Dateline in this pic lol, this was 11 months HRT”

“11 months, first picture I took of myself that I actually liked”

“Still one ugly f*cker though :P”

“Starting sophomore year of college, 12 months HRT”

“Looking good in class (I started wearing baggy clothes for some reason), 12 months HRT”

“Starting to see something, 12 months HRT”

“Still looking like a grumpy dude 13 months HRT”

“Sitting in class – 13 months HRT”

“My mirror is dirty, 14 months HRT”

“Sorry for the anime shirt :P 14 months”

“Starting to get cute – 14 months”

“Waking up from a nap looking cranky – 14 months”

“Laying in bed, 15 months”

“Walking home from class, dressing more feminine – 15 months”

“After a much-needed haircut, 15 months”

“Just waking up, kinda grumpy lol, 15 months HRT”

“Another classroom selfie, really liking the way I look, 15 months”

“Hanging out in the hallway before class, 16 months”

“Started using makeup and wearing dresses in public, 16 months”

“Bathroom selfie, 16 months HRT”

“And this is me today (17 months HRT), living my life happily with a boyfriend whom I love more than life”

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Shawouin 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
This guy have an emotive problem, taking hormones won't change how shitty he think of himself, it will only make it worst...
channax 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
still no boobs.LOL