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Some Things Kill Relationships Instantly (15 pics + 11 gifs)

Posted in Random » Weird   17 Nov 2017   / 8050 views

People share their relationship dealbreakers.


“Put ketchup. On a perfect steak. Filet specifically. In a restaurant.”

“She ate her peas one at a time.”

“Said she was allergic to dogs.”

“Freaking skid marks man.”

“Her using the word “cooter” to describe her vagina.”

“Wanted to lick my eye during sex. Wasn’t a joke apparently.”

“Hottest girl in 8th grade came to a pool party and came up from under the water like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. She looked at me and smiled… then blew a snot bubble. She was dead to me.”

“Constantly complaining about being broke to me, and subtlety asking me to borrow gas money to get to work, yet going out and spending money on booze and drugs constantly.”

“She walked out a nasty porta potty bare foot.”

“Throwing garbage out the window.”

“She couldn’t say orange. Called it oyange juice. Drove me crazy. Hot and disappointing.”

“Food stamps so they could work less and travel more to chase their dream.”

“She told me that goats are evil because they represent the devil…”

“He would flirt incessantly with me but never ask me out. I then found he was engaged. I still had a crush, but never pursued him. After he got married, he told me that he would leave his wife for me. Jerk.”

“He showered with his cat.”

“One time while camping I was with my entire senior class (class size of thirty) and the girl went to use the bathroom and I asked if she needed toilet paper she responded with “No I think I’ll be okay. I prefer the drip-dry method. Thanks though”

“When he didn’t tip the server accordingly.”

“Grandma hands.”

“Long toes.”

“Girl was flakier than pie crust.”

“Didn’t like music. Like at all.”

“Acted super drunk after drinking one Coors Light.”

“Random Pregnancy announcement via Facebook.”

“She told me she still can’t sleep without her stuffed animals.”

“She told me I kissed like my brother.”

“The shape of the back of his head. We had been talking for weeks and once I saw it I couldn’t unsee it. It looked like a melted candle.”


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#25 At least she didn't say that you kissed like *her* brother.
joethewall 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
Or because she kissed his brother too...