Who Said Lifehacks Have To Be Useful? (45 pics)

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Tired Of Boiling Water Every Time You Make Pasta? Boil A Few Gallons At The Beginning Of The Week And Freeze It For Later

Use A Snake To Hold Your Pasta Easily

If Your Car Is Making An Unsettling Noise, Just Turn Your Radio Up Until It Disappears

If You Sleep Till Noon You Only Have To Pay For 2 Meals Instead Of 3

When Cutting Bagels In Half, Put Your Finger Through The Stabilization Hole To Keep It Steady

If Your Phone Screen Is Too Small, Put It In Water. It Will Magnify The Screen Up To 200%

Batteries Dead In Your Smoke Alarm? Just Use Popcorn As A Smoke Alarm. When You Hear Crackling, Grab Your Popcorn And Get The Hell Out

If It Works It Isn't Stupid

Non-Smoker Hack

Eggs Are Really Healthy And Should Be The Foundation Of Your Diet. Don't Like The Taste? Add Cacao, Butter, Flour And Bake For 30 Minutes

Don't Throw Out Old Doll Heads. You Can Turn Them Into Handy Night Lights For Your Kids

A Slice Of Red Onion In Your Dvd Drive Is An All-Natural Way Of Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses

Want To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Fast? Just Get Bit By A Rattlesnake

Use This Tip To Save Your Money

Want To Turn Your Drink Into Diet? No Problem! Just Push This Button

If You're In A Rush In The Morning, Remember To Save Some Time By Having Breakfast Whilst Cleaning Your Teeth At The Same Time

Having A Shitty Day? Put On Sunglasses! Now You're Having A Shitty Evening

Pro Tip: If You Stir Coconut Oil Into Your Kale It Makes It Easier To Scrape Into The Trash

Fill A Rubber Glove With Warm Water And Put It On Your Hand When You Feel Lonely

Get A Whole Extra Glass Of Juice By Slightly Tilting The Carton

Fill Your Arms With Puppies So No One Can Ask You For Help

Add A Touch Of Magic To Your Cold By Putting Glitter In Your Mouth Before You Sneeze

Dress For The Weight You Want, Not The Weight You Have

Having Trouble Finding A Parking Spot? Turn On Your Hazard Lights To Make Yourself Immune To Traffic Laws, Then Park Wherever You Want

Not Disabled? Put One Of These On Your Car To Use Disabled Parking Whenever You Like

In An Awkward/Uncomfortable Situation? Just Moon-Walk Away. People Will Think You Are Walking Towards That, But You Are In Fact Leaving

To Maximize Horsepower On The Highway Shift From 5th Gear To "R" For Racing

Throw It In A Microwave And You Won't Even Be Able To Tell The Difference

If You Put Your Wipers Up Parking Inspectors Are Unable To Give You A Ticket

Use This When You Want Your Pc To Be Even Faster

Don't Be Afraid To Use Public Bathrooms Ever Again

Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes? Visitors Imminent? Put Some Clean Dishes In The Dishrack. Now It Looks Like You're Working On It

Here's A Tip For Boys: Put A Pee Stain Down Low On Your Jeans And People Will Think Your Penis Is Longer

Use This Simple Tip To Get Free Meals Forever

Use Cello Tape As Hands Free Selfie Stick

Take Random Pills

Having Trouble Opening A Soda Bottle? Hold It Upside-Down Whilst You Open It. This Will Force All The Gases Away From The Neck Of The Bottle And Make It Much Easier To Open

Use This Hack With Deaf People

Don't Have A Flashlight On Your Phone? Take A Picture Of The Sun And Use The Photo To Find Your Way In The Dark

Tear A Strip Off Of Plastic Cups To Make A Convenient Handle

Retread Tires Easily With A Sharpie

To Make Sure Your Phone Is Nice And Clean, Microwave It For 30 Seconds In The Morning To Get Rid Of All The Bad Bacteria That Might Have Got On It During The Night

Never Slip In The Winter Anymore By Piercing Screwdrivers Through Your Wheels

Plant Your Hot Dog Seeds Now To Guarantee A Healthy Bounty For Your Backyard BBQ

This Tiny Tool Can Make Any Pair Of Headphones Wireless

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

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