Heartwarming Pictures That That Go Straight to Your Heart (50 pics)

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Risking its own life, this ape saved a puppy from a terrible fire.

“I will protect him because I love him.”

This girl found her cat after an earthquake.

“We’ve been married for 41 years now, but I still take great pleasure in watching her playing like a small child.”

The city needs such heroes.

“4 years earlier I had been watching her going to the prom with a womanizer, and 2 weeks earlier I was watching her getting married to the man of her dreams. I love my girl.”

The father stopped the wedding ceremony so that his daughter’s stepfather could walk the bride to the altar with him.

An old lady is happy as she is presented with a flower. Doing good is so easy.

This heartwarming note was put in my nephew’s hood in the subway.

It was snowing for the first time in 20 years in Mexico, and this man made a snowman on his mother’s grave because he had once promised they’d build a snowman together.

When dreams come true

This man really wanted two sons...so they kept trying until they got there!

Love which defies description

The march of generations

Six generations in one photograph: from 111 years old to seven months.

Hello, world!

Mothers are the same everywhere

Do what your heart tells you, let everyone else think what they want

Happy memories

A man looks at the bench in a park where he used to sit with his beloved wife.

Undying devotion

A dog sits at the grave of its owner, who died in conflict.

One good deed a day

Two volunteer teachers give a free lesson to poor children in New Delhi, India

A trial for the spirit

A 16-year-old girl resists the advance of dozens of policemen.


A firefighter gives a drink to a koala during a drought which caused huge forest fires in Australia, 2009.

It doesn’t matter whose side you’re on

Our children will rise above us

A little girl wipes away the tears of a man on TV.
They got acquainted at the airport and decided to give each other a hug.
An 84-year-old lady was embarrassed to walk around a hospital in her nightgown, so her grandson put one on as well in support.
A young boar got stuck in a fence, and the whole family turned up to see him set free.
A man gets help learning to put on his tie.
Two men save a drowning lamb.
People band together to push against a train to help a woman who got stuck between the platform and the train.
Happiness is...becoming mom and dad
Getting a long wished-for present
Doing whatever you want, whatever the consequences
Doing a good deed
When everyone’s home
Just chillin’!

A man helps his wife learn to read again

"I saw this couple at Starbucks, where John was teaching Linda the alphabet. He told me that she’d lost her memory and is now learning to read again. Patience, love, and understanding as they are."

A dog sleeping next to tired soldiers

This picture of Soviet soldiers was taken in 1942 — a few minutes of rest shared with a pet.

Neither dementia nor a stroke can ruin a 60-year marriage

This couple has been married for 60 years, and neither time nor the wife’s illnesses could weaken their love. Despite her stroke and dementia, her husband is always with her.

The most touching end-of-the-school-year photo

This is Sophie, and she is holding a picture of herself at the beginning of the academic year. By its end, she accomplished the most amazing thing: beating cancer.

Love that knows no end

"My girlfriend works at Steak ’n Shake. This woman’s husband died, but she has dinner with him every day."

A policeman giving a homeless man a new pair of boots

A passerby captured a good deed on one of New York’s streets: a policeman gave a homeless man a new pair of shoes and socks.

A local community in London comes together on the streets to clean up their city after the 2011 riots.

A security guard at Disneyland asks for the autograph of a little girl, feigning the belief that he thought she was a real princess.

A little girl offers a flower to a soldier in Tunisia after the army refused to fire on protesters.

These protesters in Turkey picked up this wounded police officer and took him to a safe place to get his wounds treated.

A Jordanian soldier tries to warm up a child evacuated from Syria.

Colombian demonstrators share some food with riot police during a protest march.

These guys took the time to give a drink to a dehydrated koala.
Being part of a big family


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