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Powerful Photos That'll Smack You Right In The Feels (21 pics + 2 gifs)

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The Armstrong family observing the launch of Apollo 11

The three only survivors of the Battsh family mourning the death of their parents and siblings. Picture taken at Shujaiyya massacre – Gaza City – 7/20/2014

People holding on to a man trying to commit suicide

A terminally ill mother watched her daughter’s first dance over Skype

Someone found this along a trail with a note inside

"A note tied to a popped balloon I found in a field"

A mother watches her severely autistic son, whom she cannot hug, bond with his service dog

A picture of Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter with his mother. After everything he’s been through, he’s still her little boy.

This is the wife of Army Sargent 1st Class Joseph E Grant. Mr, Grant went missing in 1950 during the Korean war. He was injured and taken as a prisoner of war, where he died of malnutrition. His body wasn’t identified for 60 years. His wife, at age 90, cried over his casket as she laid him to rest. She refused to remarry, saying “Here I am. Still his wife”

A homeless woman trying to keep her 4 year old son warm. Boardeaux, France

Shell shocked soldier hiding at a fireworks show

A woman enjoys the Rijksmuseum one last time

A rescue worker offers water to a Koala bear following devastating fires across Australia in 2011

Nathan Cirillo was a reservist soldier who was shot. Here are his dogs 24 hours after his death, waiting for him to come home

A man’s moving note written on a scrap of paper to his ‘one that got away’. I guess we all feel like this at some point

Man drives 600 miles to his fathers grave and listens to the cubs win the world series with his father

Robert Peraza kneels down in grief before his son’s name on the 9/11 Memorial

Indian men line-up for a free meal on the occasion of Id-Ul-Fitr near Jama Mazjid, New Delhi. Most of these men are rickshaw-pullers, daily-wage laborers and homeless men who rarely get two square meals a day

Billboard in Oregon for missing boy, Kyron Horman, published by his mother Kaine Horman

Picture of a man being told he was innocent after 40 years in prison

xkcd: Seven Years

Hospice Therapy Dog soothing dying patients

Father Reunites With “Dead” Son

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