These Are Not The Common Things You See Every Day (66 pics)

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Braces for a dog

For anyone who wonders what happened to the dinosaurs, here’s a baby blue heron

Knife made of cable from the golden gate bridge.

Check your electrical system on a regular basis.

My pencil has seeds on the tip, so when it's too small to use it you can plant it and a tree will grow out of it

This label on this soap when planted will grow wild flowers

Victorian aquarium from the 1880s.

My lamp is projecting its own lightbulb

This railing for one step

I have a calculator with a built-in chess board.

Vertical Chess Boards

My train ticket today was punched with a little train

The glow of Christmas lights under the snow

This carrot that grew wrapped around another carrot

My apple today has a perfect 50/50 colour split

My bag of dried blueberries has an interlocking plastic velcro instead of the typical bag seal.

The spoon in this Japanese curry place is a miniature shovel

The sunset from my flight looked like some pink floyd album cover

Fourteen wind turbines all in a row

This piece of wood that looks like Darth Vader

This is the ceiling of the smoking room at Washington-Dulles airport.

Ice lifting pebbles off if the ground after a hard freeze in central Alabama.

The Chicago river melted and refroze to create this mosaic

There was ice in the air that reflected the store lights and made it look like video game location markings.

The leak in my mother I laws roof collected between the paint and the wall

Christmas lights still visible under snow

Pic of birds taken with slow shutter speed

The ground turns into a bench...or a bench melts into the ground

These trees really, really don't want to touch

Van tows mini-me version of itself

Just a guy taking his birds for a walk...NBD

Subwayception: a Subway sandwich shop inside a subway station

A chameleon camouflages itself against a towel

A street sign that doesn't like GPS

Magnets: how do they work?!

A pleasant looking, but totally inaccessible, sitting area

When a water fountain is left on in the winter

A tree burning from within

A cracked egg - with the membrane still intact

A custom phone charging hammock


A cinderblock smoothed out by ocean currents

An oil platform is towed out to the ocean.

Children take a look at Rafflesia arnoldii, the biggest individual flower on Earth.

This park bench has WiFi.

A gorgeous piece of labradorite.

A polished sphere of fossilized wood.

I guess they're just happy to see you!

This lawn is very apeeling

We're waiting for the subway, move along, move along.

Just walking the dog...

The real Iron Throne is not made out of swords, but of axes!

A diver swims under ice illuminated by the Northern Lights.

A giant mobile comprised of four full-sized MINI cars hang suspended in the air in Milan.

Revellers pelt each other with tomato pulp during the world's biggest tomato fight at the La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain.

A bison causes a traffic jam at Yellowstone National Park.

"Castellers" build human pyramids during the Tarragona Castells Competition in Tarragona, Spain.

A "pop-up crosswalk" being installed in London.

Terraced rice paddies are lit up by twenty thousand pink LEDs.

Lighting and a rainbow? Yup.

A bush cricket with erytrism, which gives the bug its pink coloring.

The inside of a tortoise.

The inside of a Nikon D5 camera.

The inner workings of a fire hydrant.

The inside of a beautiful conch shell.

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#44l What the hell? That thing is a corpse flower which stinks of rotting flesh - they're touching it!