Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (44 pics)

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This was the emergency alert message that Hawaiians awoke to on Saturday morning Apparently an employee of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency pushed the wrong button.

A white sedan went airborne and crashed into a second story office building in Santa Ana, California over the weekend

Those in the car had to be pulled out while it was still hanging from the building. A specialized fire truck was brought in to extract the car from the dentist’s office. The driver later admitted to using narcotics.

H&M stores in South Africa have been trashed by protesters over an allegedly racist advertisement

H&M has temporarily closed all of its stores in South Africa after protesters trashed several store locations in reaction to its offensive hoodie styling. Outraged protestors threw down mannequins and racks of clothing on the floor. Shortly after, H&M announced that “out of concern for the safety of our employees and customers” it will be closing down all 17 locations.

A farmer house in the Netherlands

The most advanced country in the world for agro farming technology. Here farmer houses are surrounded by illuminated greenhouse that can produce all year around, using 95% less of the water and producing up to 10 times than traditional farming. No pesticides are used inside the greenhouses. The Netherlands is the second bigger exporter of food in the world after USA, and it’s 270 times smaller.

Samburu women wear their traditional clothing to show their pride in being educated and going to school.


A Bengal Cat

A 2,000 year old Roman shoe found in a well

Each bottle is the same whiskey matured in the cask for one more year than the last

Cross country Amtrak viewing car

“Chinese boy walks 4km to school in freezing conditions, arrives with icicles in hair”

Wang is a “left-behind child”, a term used in China to describe children from poor families whose parents work in cities away from home. He lives with his older sister and grandmother.

Wang said they burned firewood at home, but there was no heating equipment at school. “It is cold going to school, but it’s not hard,” he was quoted as saying.

Photo of Jeff Bezos in 1999. Think about this the next time you think you can’t do something great

This weekend, women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to attend soccer matches for the first time ever.

An eerie underwater cave death warning sign

1937 Talbot-Lago ‘Goutte d’Eau’

What breast cancer can look and feel like

How to dust a museum exhibit

These are Christopher Robin’s Real Stuffed Animals on Display at the New York Public Library

This vending machine in this Russian mall is for buying likes on your Instagram pics

Migingo Island, population of 131, only 0.0008sq mi of dirt

An office building in Japan

A tree on a full moon
Such an amazing transition!
Crystal clear ice in Alaska
A wintry morning
A full-color photo of black sand in Iceland
A labyrinth of fallen leaves
Altai Krai (Altai region)
A bearded streetlight
A rain cloud casting a shadow during sunset
Stunning snow-covered ground
The clearest water
Touching water
Ice balls on the Gulf of Finland’s shore
A tower in mist
A tree without leaves but with lots of apples
Water has a question for you!
With mother
Polar Express
We are warm
Girls, such men are the best.
The feeling when spring comes to your neighbors first:




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