Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (44 pics)

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The ref looks REALLY happy that the Patriots scored a touchdown

Patriots were called for just one penalty against the Jags

ICE deports Jorge Garcia, a married father of 2 kids in metro Detroit who has lived in the U.S. for 30 years. He was brought to the U.S. when he was 10 years-old by undocumented family members, making him too old to qualify for DACA…What are your thoughts?

This is what happened when vaccination wasn’t an option

George Bush presenting the Dalai Lama with a portrait he painted

Dog saves all her puppies from a house fire then puts them all to safety in one of the responding firetrucks

Elder man with his cat after burned his house by accident

I can’t believe “do not consume” isn’t at least written in huge text somewhere on there!?

I can’t believe “do not consume” isn’t at least written in huge text somewhere on there!?

Genghis Khan statue (40m/130ft height) in the Mongolian steppe.

This photo, of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry embracing Robert Murray, CEO of one of the country’s largest mining companies, got an official government photographer fired

X-ray of a smuggler

Skull separated from spine…Internal Decapitation

Processed image of an actual virus via electron microscope

On the way to bootcamp

Cannonball packed with shrapnel

Granite quarry in Vermont

Marble quarry

The Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall

A cat’s paw via a macro lens
Intersection in Timișoara, Romania
This is where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet.
This old lady invites you to take a milk bath with her watching you.
Stingray — bottom view
A banana forgotten in a closet
“My wife opened a washing machine full of towels and found it just like this after the cycle.”
A forest with a perfect shape
This fish is called a “velvet belly lanternshark.”
This is a rubbish dump of orphaned bicycles in China.
A football match during a severe blizzard
“I was shaking a box of toothpicks and they arranged themselves like this.”
Bobbed alpacas

“I’m a Miller Lite guy, always have been, since I was 9.” – John Daly, 1991 PGA Champion

“Can tab clothing”
A forest in the shape of a guitar
You’d feel sorry throwing out this burned light bulb.
This nice lady stopped to ask the way.
This cat is warming up its bottom.

Aerial Photo of the B2 Stealth Bomber Flyover at the 2018 Rose Bowl Game

Juan Jose Mendez- was in a car accident and considered dead on site. They massaged his heart for more than a half an hour and he received 48 Liters of blood. He has been in the Elite of Paralympic cycling for 20 years now.

This elderly man is eating alone at a diner. His wife’s photo is next to him.

The Evolution Of Bodybuilding

This dog was returned to the shelter and is too sad to go for walks. It has been betrayed twice.

You have to keep on living...

Jose Aldo in his locker room after losing his title defense fight in 13 seconds against Conor McGregor


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#2: An extreme example, but I still say Tough Shit. He spent 30 years living a lie and now it's caught up to him.

#3: Tell me again why Vaccines are bad??

#12: Ahhhhh... memories.