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How Being Genius Really Looks Like (70 pics)

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Because clearing the driveway with a plain shovel is too boring.
Who needs movers?
A cute and light “stone”
This is the work of an engineering genius.
It’s not parquet. It’s not linoleum. It’s way simpler.
A sharp mind helps to warm hands up when it’s cold inside your home.
Here’s a good way to imitate brickwork inside your apartment.
If it looks stupid but works, it’s not stupid.
These movers are geniuses!
Practice is a difficult matter...
When you want to save some money on electricity:
This is how sidewalk tiles are born!
Imitation brickwork with the help of cardboard, tape, and paint!
Why change tires? You can just buy a marker!
Everything genius is simple.
When you don’t have a ladder around, you have to...
Smoking in ads is banned, but we already made the poster.
Here’s a simple solution to a difficult problem.
A stone-shaped fountain
It’s not a window.
This gigantic roller helps to stamp concrete.
A stir-fry won’t hurt you anymore!
When you don’t want to get your clothes dirty with your makeup:
“My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to ’edit’ the photos a little.”
Space-saving organizing skills

“A true man always does it in one trip.”

And he can cook dinner by himself even if he’s a plant worker.

IT people know inexpensive ways to decorate a Christmas tree.

No time to do the dishes? Print a photo of an empty sink, and cover the dishes until you see better days.

This trick is perfect for busy people. Or lazy ones.

“I go to big chain restaurants by myself and pretend to be a mystery guest. I haven’t had bad service or bland food in months.”

“My friend made this to clean his bathroom tiles (and, yes, he did use a newly bought brush).”

You don’t have to buy a mixer either.

Here’s a cheap way to cover a hole in a wall.

“Someone in my building is saving a bunch on their electricity bill.”

Are you moving? Here’s a genius hack for quickly getting boxes down the stairs.

Never lose the remote again!

Don’t throw away a broken microwave. One day you might need a new mailbox.

“Another use for Mac Pro $6,000 servers.”

When you don’t feel like washing the vegetables:

When you don’t feel like washing the vegetables:

“My friend is playing Mario Odyssey during class.”

Your old donut will taste freshly baked if you heat it up with your hot beverage.

This is a creative life hack for those who think that cats are useless.
You can use bananas as an iPad holder...

...or you can create a “banana scale” to measure the depth of the snow.

Credits: brightside.me

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