They Proved They Were Right! (40 pics)

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4.5 Years After Being Told By A Team Of Doctors That I'd Probably Never Move Anything Below My Shoulders Again, I Finally Got To Take This Pic

My Wife Was Angry At Me For Buying Such A Huge Cat Tree For Our Blind Cat. "She's Blind. She Won't Be Able To Climb That Thing!". 36 Hours Later

People Think I'm Terrible At Cooking, So When I Offered To Help With Thanksgiving, My Family Said, "Just Cut Vegetables For The Veggie Tray." Fine. I Made This To Prove My Worth

The Instructors And Other Marines At My Separation Transition Classes Said I Was Way Out Of My League Applying To Princeton. I Just Found Out That I Proved Them Wrong

My Grandmother Didn't Think I Could Handle A Fruit Salad For A Bbq

As A Colorblind Man, I Have Always Been Told I Can Never Solve A Rubik's Cube. Well I Did. So Suck It

Girlfriend Is Always Telling Me My Shirts Are The Same Color. I Had To Prove Her Wrong

Women In The Arab World Struggle To Feel Free Enough To Travel Alone. I Am A 25-Year-Old Girl From Pakistan, And I Cycled From Muenster To Aachen, Germany To Prove To Every Female Around The World That There Is No One Stopping Them From Achieving Their Dreams

Before I Left For Work, My Girlfriend Said I Was Dressed Like An Old Man. I Didn't Believe Her Until This Happened

This Contractor Got In The Cabinet He Just Built To Prove Its Sturdiness

After Months Of Denial And Many Nights On The Couch. I Finally Got The Evidence To Prove To My Wife Why She Sleeps Better Than I Do

My Wife Said I Couldn't Build A Fence Because I'm Not "Handy." Well I Showed Her... How Good She Is At Reverse Psychology

My Friend Told Me He Was Working Security For The Dalai Lama. I Didn't Believe Him Until He Posted This On His Facebook

I Was Arrested At A Protest Wednesday. The Trooper Asked Me What Was In My Pockets. He Didn't Believe Me

My Boyfriend Doesn't Believe That His Cat Bullies Mine

Korean Students Make A Raft Out Of Potato Chip Bags To Prove They Have Too Much Air In Them

No One Believes Me, But My Son Did In Fact Hold His Head Up Less Than 5 Minutes After Being Born

Spent 30 Mins Looking Through The Trash For This Packet To Prove To My Girl The Corner Wasn't From A Condom Wrapper

Told The Wife The Floor Was Gross And Needed Cleaning. Told Her I Was Willing To Do It. She Said We Don't Need To. Clean Half She Said And Let's See The Difference. Mission Accomplished (We Don't Have Tiled Floors)

Local Police Department Unlawfully Entering Unlocked Vehicles To Prove A Point

I Didn't Believe My Daughter When She Said She Couldn't Put Her Blocks Away

My Friends Go To Great Lengths To Prove Me Wrong. Apparently There Really Is A Pole Down There

Told My Girlfriend It Was Impossible To Stand A Coin On Its Side. She Was Right

"We Don't Need A Dog" He Was Wrong

Told My Boss I Couldn't Come To Work As My Neighborhood Was On Lock Down. He Didn't Believe Me So I Sent Him This

Uncle Kept This 35 Years Because His Mom Told Him He Wouldn't

My Grandpa Kept Telling Me That He Had 8 "Gal Pals" At His Senior Home. I Didn't Believe Him Until I Saw This Picture Hanging Up On His Fridge

Fiancée Said She Needed An Ipad For Work Purposes. Her Fingerprints Prove Otherwise

Told Not Just By My Wife, But Several People This Idea Would Never Work. Sold Three Books In Two Hours

Almost 12 Years Ago My Dad Caught A Picture So Rare That No One Believed Us When We Told Them. Today I Finally Found The Picture To Prove It

Proving To The Public That London's Double-Decker Buses Are Not A Tipping Hazard In 1933

He Said He Had A "Bald Man Super Power." I Didn't Believe Him

My So Always Denies Taking Up Space On The Bed. So I Took And Edited A Picture To Prove It. This Is For Men Everywhere

I Didn't Believe My Roommate Until I Saw The Report

Married For 62 Years, But My Grandpa Will Still Pull Out His Road Atlas To Prove My Grandma Wrong

I Didn't Believe My Friend When She Said Her Sister's Friend Bought An Ostrich, So We Asked For Pics

It's Amazing To Think How Far We've Come In Mathematics

It Happened Again! My Girlfriend Took This Photo To Prove That I Dress Like An Old Man

I Ordered A Waffle At Mel's And Said They Couldn't Put Enough Whipping Cream On It

The Lengths I Have Gone To Prove To My Better Half That I Am Not Rubbish With Tools


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Cancamuso 2 year s ago
#6 +1 internets for you kind sir

Also... I have news for you #7




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