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Did These Products Really Need Those Gender Differences?! (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   20 Feb 2018   / 3511 views

I Forgot That Men And Women Didn't Have The Same Kind Of Teeth

Hoever Approved This Needs To Sit Down And Look At Their Life Choices

Books In Harrods Children's Section

When Your Masculinity Is Too Fragile But You Want A Bath Bomb

Can’t Believe That I Could Hold This Chip Bag With My Little Woman Hands

My Superhero Loving 7-Year-Old Daughter Not Impressed When She Spotted This Sign In Tesco Today

Knitting Is Only Manly If It's Done On Horseback. What?

Ah, The Classic Gender Binary: Men And Shoes

Are You A Boy Or An Apricot

Is Your Gender Girly Girl Or North American

Man Size Kleenex For My Male Tears

Alright, We Really Need To Draw The Line At Gendering Poop

Bronut - Because Snacks Are Such A Girly Thing Usually

Gift Guide For Who Exactly?


Because Women Can't Handle A Full Box Of 100?

This Week In Unnecessarily Gendered Products

Good Thing There Are Man Candles. I Couldn't Illuminate My House Without Crushing My Fragile Masculinity Otherwise

Tiny And Breakable, Like Men's Ego

They're Exactly The Same

Even On The Pink Plane The Pilot Was A Boy

Today In The Unnecessarily Gendered Products: The Earth

As seen at NYU Bookstore

Really? Gendered Coat Hangers? Totally Unnecessary

I Tried Women's Earplugs From Walgreens, But I Could Still Hear My Own Sobbing. One Star

O Rly?

Q-Tips (Not A Gendered Product At All) Made To Look Masculine & Even Calls It A Tool To Make It Not Feminine

Dude Wipes For Dudes

I Have Absolutely No Idea What This Means


I Guess Gendered Batteries Are A Thing Now?

These Gendered Pickles Though

I'm Trail Mixed Up About What The Difference Is

Pointlessly Gendered Products Are Never Even Semi Decent Quality

Wine In A Can, For Men

Man, Do You Need To Get That Excess Pet Hair And Fluff Off You? Then You Need The Man's Lint Roller. The Only Difference? The Color Of The First Sheet To Stop It Sticking

Gender-Specific Eggs For Children

Men Can Get In Cast Iron Cooking Too!

Tweeze Like A Man

Is It Safe To Feed This To My Male Dog?

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ChrisR 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
People must stop being so offended by so little! If your boy want the pink pencil case just buy him the pink one, and if your girl wants to play with camo-colored G.I. Joes just let her. It's not harder than that.