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Police Isn’t Forbidden To Have Fun! (41 pics)

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I Started Chatting With A Local Police Officer Today, And Asked Him What I Could Do To Let My Parents Know I Was Having A Good Time At My First Day Of College. He Suggested Taking This Photo

My Iguana Ran Away Out The Back Door. The Police Dept Found Him. I Had To Pick Up My Iguana From Jail

Police In Montreal Are Refusing To Wear Their Work Pants As A Part Of A Labor Dispute

Lincoln, CA Police Departament Running Into Trap

Reykjavik’s Police Department Instagram Is Awesome

Police Busted A Meth Lab Using A Meth Lab

Our Local Police Department Ain't Playing

There Was A Big Drug Problem At My Friend's School So They Hired A Police Officer To Supervise Students But Now He’s Playing Magic The Gathering With The Video Game Club

This Dove Getting Parma Police Protection After Laying Her 2 Eggs In A Cruiser

Yesterday A Swedish Police Officer Borrowed A Snow Sled From Some Neighborhood Kids

Police Stop At A Canadian Half Marathon

I'm At A Wedding. Both Bride And Groom Are Police Officers. This Is What They Are Serving

I Was At 7 Eleven And Saw This Female Police Officer With Her Pink Handcuffs. I Asked If I Could Take A Photo, And She Said Yes And Also Explained They Have Other Colors Such As Light Blue, Purple, Yellow. She Said She Loves Putting The Pink Cuffs On The Guys

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller. When You Graduate The Academy But Still Can't Go On The Rides At The Townsville Show

Actual Police Report From My University

Sacramento Police Department Had A "High Speed Chase" Today

Cops? Where?

So We Found A Pothole. Just For A Little Perspective, Officer Clark Is 6'5"!

When The Police Rock Up At Your House And They Are More Interested In Your Bearded Dragon Than You

A Police Department In Minnesota Has Set Up Traps Throughout The City Today

As A Police Officer Assigned To A Middle School, I Had To Get My Back To School Picture Done. I Hope My Wife Packed A Juice Box

Portland Police Officers Always Have Fun At Work

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#38 why do they want to trap gamers.