Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (70 pics)

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This very rare “golden” tiger is believed to be one among 30 that exist in the entire world.
These fluffy balls are actually a mineral called okenite.
Life is an Open Book, a sculpture by Brad Spencer in Downtown Charlotte, NC
“My friend’s dad grew this perfect ’lime-on.’”
Hail in Alabama
Australian caterpillars crawling in a line.
“My fingers are unusually long, apparently.”
This is what an egg of a ramp looks like:
A Baobab tree reborn from the remains of its former self.
Snow rolls formed by the wind.
That’s how a rainbow is born.
“A flying fish landed on my boat last night. I took this quick pic then put it back in the water.”
Unusual ability
“Hundreds of thousands of starlings migrating across the region covered the skies of Rome.”
“I got an egg of an unusual shape.”
An overloaded truck in India
The €0 denomination issued for the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx in a limited edition of 5,000 copies.
This Albino alligator that doesn’t even look real.
“Squirrel decided to use my buddy’s car for pine cone storage.”
This cake knife comes with a match.
“My new keyboard has an ‘oops!’ key.”
A penny with no number
This baby chick was born with 4 legs.
A cute albino Doberman
“I ordered something from China and it came wrapped in a kid’s homework.”
“We found some uncut pasta in our box tonight.”
This fancy stop sign
This pen with a maze inside of it
“My fiancé found a spine on the beach today.”
The tiniest sea shells
“My mom found my old McDonald’s food toys that turned into robots.”
“This baby lizard has been using my laptop charger to keep warm.”
This t-shirt label has a bio of the person who sewed it.
“The bowl I used for painting with watercolors evaporated and left behind colorful salt crystals.”
“I found a wrinkled egg in my store-bought eggs.”
“I found an interesting picture of a plane in flight on Google images.”
“I found a blue crawfish at work today.”
There’s a tree growing out of this sign post.
The cup on the right was taken down to a depth of 350m.
This sideways spoon
“We found a forgotten classic Mercedes-Benz.”
“I pulled a weed and it unearthed a lost tennis ball.”
A small church model on top of a lamp
This grave has February 30th as a death day on it.

145 water skiers pulled by a single boat

Sea of clouds

The Northern Lights, Norway

A bird tornado

Methane bubbles in Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, Canada

Wisteria Trees in Japan

In the mist. (Switzerland)

This library hall in Dublin

Ironing Master, Gatekeeper of the Molten Iron Portal

The exact moment lightning strikes water.

This is a flat floor

Storm Above The Field

This bridge

Tunnel vision

The way that this sewer grate opens.

This $30,000 handmade wooden bathtub

Box of slushy straws

The Old Colony Building, Chicago. Built 1893, power washed 2009.

Numbers carved out of pencil lead

The bathroom at this restaurant has a foot petal for the tap.

This garlic I bought doesn’t have separate cloves, it’s just one solid piece.

Cel shaded comic jeans ~ inspired by Borderlands Telltale Games

My right thumb can neither bend much, nor does it have the "bend skin" at the centre of it.

These snakes in the mens restroom.

Lake Retba, or Lac Rose (Pink Lake in english), the beautiful finishing point of the worldwide known Paris-Dakar Rally (until 2009 when they moved to South America).

This cactus is so big its base looks like a tree trunk

Credits:  brightside.me

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