Photos That Remind Us About The Beauty Of Our World (59 pics)

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One accidental text message saved a child’s life.

Syd wanted to send some photos of her in a dress asking her friend for advice, but she sent the message to a wrong number. Tony, a father of several children, was surprised but kindly replied, “I believe this message was intended for someone else. My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!” He also attached a photo of his children giving the dress a “thumbs up.”

The photo of the children doesn’t include Tony’s youngest son — Kaisler, who at that time was in the hospital. Syn shared the story on her Twitter account. Having learned that Tony’s son has cancer, Syd’s followers and other Twitter users collected about $3,000.

One kind and sympathetic reaction to someone’s mistake ended up saving a child’s life.


Workers worked overtime so that their colleague could take care of a sick son.

Andreas Graf, a 36-year-old worker from Marburg, Germany, had a terrible black stripe in his life: his wife died and his son was diagnosed with leukemia. In despair, the man wrote a dismissal application to look after the child but a staff member from the human resources department shared Andreas’s story with his colleagues and persuaded them to help.

The workers decided to share the shifts of Andreas among themselves so that he did not have to resign. In total, colleagues worked overtime for 3,264 hours which is about 400 working days that the man was compensated for as a paid leave. In February of this year, Andreas was able to return to work and he couldn’t hold back his tears as he thanks his colleagues for their kindness.

The feat of an adoptive mother

Oksana’s parents refused her at the hospital right after she was born. The girl had congenital malformations of the lower extremities, which later had to be amputated. The girl changed three orphanages and survived hunger, beatings, and even rape. But the small life was saved by Gay Masters, a speech therapist from America. It took Gay 2 years to collect all the documents to transport the 6-year-old girl to the US.

Gay gave the adoptive daughter an excellent upbringing and instilled in her a love for sports. She supported and protected her daughter in everything. At the last Paralympic Games in Pyeong Chang, Oksana won a silver medal in a biathlon sprint and a bronze one in a ski race.

“She gave me my life,” Oksana says of her beloved, one and only, real mother.

A happy story of saving a one-eyed dog

Most people would have disdainfully turned and passed by if they had met Frodo. But Claudia from Croatia has a big and a kind heart and she gave the suffering dog hope for a happy life. She turned the little monster into a cute and playful handsome dog and published his story online. Now Frodo has new owners who found him on the internet on Claudia’s page and keep giving him their care in exchange for endless gratitude and the most faithful love.


$8,700 was collected for an old lady from Ekaterinburg so she could publish her books.

Some caring people helped arrange a happy ending for an old lady who spent many years trying to sell her books on the freezing streets of Ekaterinburg. Auntie Vera wrote fairy tales and used her pension money to fulfill her dream — to publish a beautiful hard-cover book with illustrations of her daughter who died of cancer.

The history of the street writer has deeply touched many Russians and within literally one week, the old lady collected more than 500,000 rubles (approximately $8,700) to make her long-standing dream come true. Auntie Vera was also offered a free place to sell her books in a shopping center.


Every year neighbors arrange a feast on their street.

Once a year, in this small Spanish village called Binissalem, the traffic gets completely blocked because all the residents have dinner on the streets with their neighbors as one big family — about 12,000 people.


US firefighters extinguishing a fire in Mexico

Firefighters from Arizona came to Mexico to help their Mexican colleagues put out a fire.


A woman wrapped a dog that got wet in the rain in a blanket.

An accidental passer-by made this photo in Crimea when he noticed a woman wrapping a stray dog in a blanket. Later, the woman let the dog into the store to warm up.


These gentlemen make around 1,000 toy tops for Ronald McDonald House each year:

Every night this coffee shop leaves the leftover burritos on their windowsill for the homeless:

The driver of the minibus gives rides to all children free of charge.

A driver from Krasnodar doesn’t accept money from children. The boy in the photo tried to pay the fare several times, but the driver explained that all schoolchildren ride for free. The driver is a caring father of 6 six children and his kindness extends to all children.


A man feeds homeless people at his own expense.

Brian prepares food for 50 homeless people and distributes it himself on the streets of Dublin. The man buys the food using his pension money.


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