Student Lunch: Korea vs The US (43 pics)

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This is what they serve students for lunch in the US

This is what they serve students for lunch in Korea


Kimchi – Sweet Toast – Choco Cup – Soy Sauce Type Dressing (to mix in with the rice) – 팽이버섯실파 국 Mushroom, Onion, and Egg Soup with Udon Noodles – 참치마요덮밥 Tuna Mayo Top Rice (like the tuna mayo sits ontop of the rice ^o^)

Kimchi – Meatballs – 마늘쭝어목볶음 Fish Cake Slices, Seasoned and Fried with Garlic – 콩나물무채국 Beansprout and Radish Soup – Corndog – Rice

Lettuce Leaves, Perilla Leaves, Chopped Pepper, and 쌈장 Sauce (Samjang Sauce) – Shredded Potato, Carrot, and Cucumber with Ham – Kimchi – 오이족발냉채 Pork Feet and Cucumber – 무청시래기국 (Not sure what the English name is for this soup) – Purple Rice

Kimchi – Chicken Drumstick – Banana – 온국수 Warm Noodle Soup (Thin White Noodles, Soup Broth, Shredded Carrot, Fishcake, Egg, Pickled Radish, and Spinach)

Grilled Tofu with Seasoning Sauce – Kimchi – 진미채 (Shredded, Dried, and Seasoned Fish, really chewy and delicious) – 취나물무침 (also not sure of the English name, it’s a type of leaf side dish) – 오리탕 Spicy Duck Stew with Potato, Cabbage, Onion, Egg etc – Mixed Rice

Kimchi – Blueberry Yogurt – 들깨무채국 Radish Soup – 비빔밥 (Bibimbap) Rice, Beansprouts, Cucumber, Mushroom, Pickled Radish, Carrot, Spinach, and Spicy Sauce in the Middle

Kimchi – Blueberry Yogurt – 들깨무채국 Radish Soup – 비빔밥 (Bibimbap) Rice, Beansprouts, Cucumber, Mushroom, Pickled Radish, Carrot, Spinach, and Spicy Sauce in the Middle

Banana Drink – Kimchi – 꽃빵 Flower Bread (Because the shape is like a flower, it’s a really soft, steamed bread) – 우엉잡채 (Not sure of the English word for 우엉, maybe ‘ginger’, 잡채 is a type of glass noodle) – Chinese Style Cucumber – 자장 Blackbean Sauce – Rice

Yogurt Drink – 탕수육 Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Carrots, Pineapple, and Mushroom – Radish Kimchi – Cucumber and Chives – 우동어묵국 Fishcake Soup with Udon Noodles – 김치볶음밥 Kimchi Fried Rice

Salad (Shredded Cabbage, Lettuce, Carrot etc) – Cream Pastry – Kimchi – 팽이버섯실파 국 Mushroom and Onion Soup – 참치야채비빔밥 Tuna and Vegetable Bibimbap

Watermelon – 김치돈육볶음 Kimchi Fried Pork – Steam Tofu – 진미채 (Shredded, Dried, and Seasoned Fish) – 단배추된장국 Cabbage Soup – Rice

Yogurt Drink – Kimchi – Vegetable Bread – Salad – Spaghetti – Creamy Mushroom Soup – Rice

Dry Seaweed – Bread – Kimchi – 참나물무침 (Don’t know the English name) – 잡채 Glass Noodles – 감자탕 Pork Stew (It also has potato, 감자 means potato ^^) – Mixed Rice

Cookie – Strawberry Yogurt – Kimchi – Mayonnaise – 미소된장국 Miso Soup with Mushroom and Tofu – 치킨덮밥 Chicken Top Rice

봉추찜닭 Chicken with Vegetables and Glass Noodles – Kimchi – 메밀전병 (Don’t know the English name, it’s like a spicy, vegetable and glass noodle wrap) – Shredded Mushroom and Radish – 미역국 Seaweed Soup – 팥밥 Rice with Redbeans

Kimchi – Yogurt Drink – Egg – Almond Bread – Spicy Sauce for Bibimbap – 들깨무채국 Radish Soup – 비빔밥 Bibimbap

Kimchi – Blueberry Yogurt – 멸치건새우볶음 Fried Anchovy and Prawns – Cucumber and Chives – Curry Sauce – Rice

떡볶이 Ddeokbokki (Rice Cake, Qual Eggs, and Fishcakes in a Spicy Sauce) – 김말이 Glass Noodle and Vegetables Wrapped in Seaweed and Deep Fried – 참나물무침 (Again, don’t know the English name) – Kimchi – 육개장 Beef, Beansprout, and Cabbage Soup – Mixed Rice

Kimchi – Salad with Ham – 무톳나물무침 (Also don’t know the English name) – 갑오징어무국 Squid Soup with Tofu – Rice – 붕어빵 Carp Bread (Sweet Redbean Paste inside Carp Shaped Bread)

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Varan1 2 year s ago
Looking at the garbage served up in the US school system I'm surprised there isn't an obesity epidemic in the States.



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