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Ridiculous Packaging Strikes Again (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   11 Apr 2018   / 7534 views

If Only Nature Would Find A Way To Cover These Oranges So We Didn't Need To Waste So Much Plastic On Them

Individually Packaged Coke Cans

The Amount Of Packaging For This One Single Pill

If Only Bananas Had Robust, Natural, Bio-Degradable Packaging Of Their Own. Some Sort Of Peelable Skin, Perhaps

7ft Of Air Packaging To Protect The Socks

This Is Just Plain Ridiculous

Amazon, I Don't Think The Box Was Big Enough

New Laptop Came With Anti-Virus Program. I Only Needed The Security Key Code Underneath A Sticker On The Bar Code. A Huge Waste Of Plastic

I Ordered 5lbs Of Sugar Free Jelly Belly's Online... They Arrived Individually Wrapped! Why?

This Peeled Avocado

Single Wrapped Potatoes

A Tic Tac Novelty Box That Has 60 Individual Boxes Each With 6 Tic Tacs... So Much Plastic

Individually Packaged Slices Of Bread

Ridiculously Redundant Over-Packaging

Pre-Peeled Bananas Wrapped In Plastic

These Organic Oranges Individually Wrapped In Plastic

So Much Waste

What On Earth

Amazon Sent My Bubble Wrap Wrapped In Paper

This Knife Is Far Too Small For The Packaging

This SATA Packaging

This Is Some Next Level Laziness

Less Waste They Say

These Individually Wrapped Premium Strawberries

There's Silly Amazon Packaging But Then There's This

If There's One Thing The World Needs It's More Disposable Plastic Packaging

This Is Ridiculous

I Purchased A Pallet At Work And It Arrived Today

So Much Wasted Plastic

Amazon Used Protective Packaging To Ship My Protective Packaging

Harry & David Strawberries

Saving The Planet With 500% More Packaging

Festive Potatoes. Just Gonna Leave This One Here

They Sent Me This Tiny Micro SD Card (Red Thing On The Bottom Right) In This Huge Package. What A Waste Of Plastic

Opening A Box Of M&M's To Find A Bag Of M&M's

If Only Garlic Had A Natural, Biodegradable Casing Instead Of Plastic

Banana In A Bag

No One Wants To Avocuddle With This Much Plastic

Unnecessary Packaging

Dear Amazon Packaging Dept, You May Have Gone A Bit Overboard On Protecting This Burt’s Bees Lotion. I’m Not Sure That This Size Box Or This Amount Of Protection Was Needed, But Thanks For Being Over Cautious

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