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Steve Irwin's Daughter Is Going In Her Father's Footsteps (24 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs   17 Apr 2018   / 3055 views

Twitter user Zeke TF recently went viral with his tweet

The tweet’s star is, of course, Bindi Irwin

Daughter of Steve Irwin, aka the “Crocodile Hunter”

And just like her father, Bindi also has a strong connection with animals

She still lives and works at Australia Zoo, which was founded and has been run by the Irwin family since 1970

“I have spent my entire life living in a zoo, which is pretty crazy. Not many kids get to say that”

“It took me until I was about three years old to realize that we didn’t just come to the zoo every day, that we actually lived here”

“I remember he [dad] gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me forever”

“If you treat animals how you want to be treated, you’re a lot better off”

“When [Irwin] was working with venomous snakes or cheetahs, he just treated them in a [certain] way”

“It was never trying to overpower them or anything like that”

“He was just loving them”

“Dad was the ultimate wildlife warrior and we admired him more than anything”

“We want to make sure that his message of wildlife and conservation continues”

And Steve, a hero to many of us of a certain age, is never forgotten

Together with her mom and brother, Bindi is making sure her father’s legacy remains

“Because he was the world’s greatest conservationist and we never want that message to die”

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