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Old Celebrity Headshots Are Looking More Than Great! (25 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs   1 May 2018   / 4924 views

Reese Witherspoon gave us a side ponytail and parasol.

Melissa McCarthy wore a tiny cowboy hat in one of her headshots.

Penelope Cruz shared this photo from when she was fifteen.

Because Matt Damon doesn't really use social media, Ben Affleck helped his buddy out and shared these gems with the world.

Busy Philipps shared her photos with the admission that she "booked not one job as a child model."

Leslie Jones reflected back upon a time when she "didn't know shit."

Sarah Hyland compared the side-eye in her old headshot to Prince George's.


Judd Apatow sat on a tiny couch in his.

Gabrielle Union proved that she doesn't age yet again.

You may do a double take when you see Ben Stiller's pre-teen headshot.

Kristen Bell's photo shoots included a sideways hat, scrunchies, majorly huge sleeves and croquet.

Emma Watson wore a pink baker's hat in hers.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared his cute childhood headshot.

Viola Davis shared an old headshot that might as well haven been taken yesterday.

Karlie Kloss shared a polaroid from 10 years ago.

Zach Braff might as well have been a catalogue model.

Vanessa Hudgens shared a bunch of headshots from her childhood.

Joe Manganiello shared this photo from the year 2000.

Kelly Ripa shared her headshot from the '80s.

Laverne Cox shared this gem from 2007.

Natalie Portman shared this photo she titled "baby me."

Kumail Nanjiani shared his unique headshot.

Amy Sedaris gave us feathered hair realness.

Tori Spelling shared this hair-a-licious photo from when she was 14.

And Danielle Fishel shared some terrifically '80s photos.

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