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These Things Are Commonly Misunderstood And Are Now Explained (17 pics)

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Sharks definitely can get cancer.

They are particularly susceptible to skin cancer.

Chewing gum doesn’t take 7 years to digest.

It is either absorbed or simply passes straight through you.

Chimps are not our ancestors.

Much like the super horny Bonobo, we simply share a common ancestor from about 7 million years ago. They are, however, our closest living genetic relative.

Dogs don’t sweat through salivating.

They actually perspire through their foot pads; while panting is used to regulate their body temperature.

The toilet doesn’t flush a certain way depending on which hemisphere you are in.

The Coriolis effect is only relative to large bodies of water and it is more likely that the built-in toilet flush will dictate water flow.

Glass isn’t a liquid, it’s an “amorphous solid.”

Pretty self-explanatory.

Adding salt to water won’t help it boil quicker.

A pinch of salt in on your stove won’t do a thing; only industrial amounts of salt will speed up the boiling process.

A lie detector machine doesn’t exist.

A polygraph test, which is often referred to as a lie detector, only measures changes in arousal and pulse.

Dropping a penny from the Empire State Building won’t kill you.

A penny’s terminal velocity is anywhere between 30 to 50mph, nowhere near enough to kill you. It wouldn’t be nice, though.

Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells.

Only for alcoholics who rely on booze for most of their calories is this applicable.

Shaving doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker.

It just appears that way because it’s no longer tapered.

Salieri and Mozart were friendly rivals.

Despite what the Oscar-winning Amadeus would have you believe, both composers enjoyed a normal, if unspectacular, relationship.

Sex before a big game won’t affect an athlete’s performance.

No evidence exists to support any negative effects from the aftermath of sexual activity and the boost in testosterone (for men) could even help.

It’s perfectly fine to wake up a sleepwalker.

Sure. they’ll be confused as hell, but it’s far more dangerous to let them wander around semi-conscious.

Sushi does not mean ‘raw fish’.

It actually means ‘sour rice’.

Satan isn’t the ruler of Hell.

Nowhere in the Bible is this mentioned.

Goldfish have memories as long as 3 months.

Not the 3-second myth many believe.

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