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Restaurants That Have Went Too Far To Attract Customers With Their Food (40 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food   18 May 2018   / 3055 views

This Chocolate Mud Pie Is Served Like An Actual Potted Plant

London Bar Served My Girlfriend’s Cocktail In A Levitating Glass

It Has A Plate... But Still

Self-Aware Absurdity? Apple Pastry Desert Served On An Image Of A Plate.... On An iPad

Food Looks Delicious... But A Toolbox?!

Salad With A Side Of Bleeding

We Received Our Onion Rings On A Giraffe


White Chocolate Filled With Miso, Served On A Flip-Flop

Oh Brilliant, Just Serve My Cocktail In An Umbrella

Ravioli On A Clothesline, As You Do

Eggs In Egg Carton

Potted Bread

Breakfast On A Tray. Am I In Jail?

Just Saw This On Instagram... Send Help

I'm A Simple Man. I See An Injection, I Take My Pants Off. Why Am I Being Kicked Out?

The Tree Of... Pizza?

Steak And Mashed Potatoes In A Martini Glass

Why Wouldn’t I Want To Eat Caviar Off A Wooden Hand??

Fish Goo Smeared On A Floor Tile

It's Portable

My French Onion Soup Was Served In An Actual Onion

"Would You Like Some Bread While You Wait?""I'm Forty-Eight Years Old"

My Bread Served Inside Roadkill

Please Return Your Shopping Trolley After Finishing Your Coffee To Reclaim Your Tiny £1 Coin

So I Went To Eat Hot Pot Today

Taquitos In A Cigar Box

The Most Hipster Beans On Toast I've Ever Seen

Oh For F*ck Sake! This Has Got To Be The Worst

This Dessert Trend Needs To Stop

Canalla Bistro In Valencia Really Know How To Serve Up A Pork Starter

Someone I Know Got Her Food On Some Kind Of Bone

A Meringue Served On A Magnetically Levitated Pillow

Forgive Me, But There's A Plate In This One. In A Sink

Single Mini Macaron Topped With Basil On A Rock

Communal Spaghetti Served On The Table

They Recommended To My Friend That He Get His Cheeseburger “In A Cup”

My Wife's Cocktail Was Served In A Hollow Stone And Had To Be Drunk Through The Hole, Without A Straw

Cheesy Triceratop

Uh, Ok Then

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