Coffee Shops Will Go An Extra Mile To Attract Customers (40 pics)

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The Café At My Closest Beach Gives Free Drinks To People Who Collect A Bucket Of Litter From The Beach

Owner Tired Of Rude Customers Puts Up Genius Bar Sign To Teach Them A Lesson

This Use Of The N In An Open Sign At A Café

No Smoking Sign At A Nearby Coffee Shop

Found At My Local Café

The Cafe Where I Work Got Broken Into. The Thief Was Greeted By This Note I Left Inside The Register

My Local Coffee Shop Gives Free Compost Made From Their Used Coffee Grounds

This Guy Runs A Coffee Shop Out Of A Beetle

This New Café Opened In My Town, And I Noticed Something Funny About The Books They Had

This Coffee Shop Sizes Its Coffees By How Much You've Slept Last Night

Gardenista Café, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Sign Outside My Local Coffee Shop

The Price For Pie, At The Café I Had Lunch At Today, Is $3.14

Our Local Coffee Shop Uses Frozen Coffee Cubes For Iced Coffee

The Stir Sticks At My Coffee Shop Are Made Of Pasta

An Actual Canadian Coffee Shop

This Coffee Shop Lets You Borrow An Umbrella And Then Return It For A Free Coffee

Aussie Coffee Shop Tells It Like It Is

This Coffee Shop Wall With Books Crashing Through

A Tree Made Of 24,000 Pennies On The Floor Of A Local Coffee Shop. And A $700 Moon

My Chilled Coffee From The Store Has A Tiny Cookie Stored In The Lid

This Coffee Shop Uses Beer Taps To Dispense Cream And Milk

This Coffee Shop Has A Handy Guide To Coffee Drawn On Their Window

This Café Has Two Hot Water Dispensers With Different Temperatures To Suit Different Teas

This Coffee Shop Has 2 Cup Sizes: Biggie And Smalls

This Little Chair In A Café Has Its Back Legs Shortened To Fit On Top Of A Platform

On A Café's Window In Sweden

This Café Uses Dinosaurs As Table Numbers

Cup Sizes At A Café In Nashville

Milkshakes From A Local Café

The Options In The Restroom At A Local Coffee Joint In Mn

This Café Has An Illustrated Breakdown Of What Each Hot Drink Contains

This Tim Hortons Turned An Old KFC Bucket Sign Into A Giant Coffee Cup

This Coffee Shop Used To Be A Real House

Good Advice From My Favorite Coffee Shop

This Café Has The Flintstones Theme In Sheet On The Menu

Shout Out To This Harlem Café Concealing Their 'B' Rating As A 'Brunch' Sign

The Dunkin Donuts Near Me Uses Coffee Beans In Their Ashtray

The Silverware At The Cafe Double As Wrenches

This Café Umbrella Has An USB Port For Charging



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birdman 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
#38... Best use of Dunkin Donuts coffee beans I ever saw. Hopefully they started brewing with a more flavorful variety instead.