Not Your Casual Historical Photos (50 pics)

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Salvador Dali taking his anteaters for a walk in Paris, 1969
A bride wearing a basket on her way to a wedding, China, 1911
This is how people used to dry their hair in 1937:
And this is how they had their hair straightened:
The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), May 15, 1942
A man browsing for books in Cincinnati’s cavernous old library which was later demolished in 1955
Children crossing the river on their way to school in Italy, 1959
An exciting ad from an educational game, 1991
In 1966 sculptor, Claes Oldenburg carried a giant toothpaste tube through the streets of London.
The boldest outfit of 1950
A rare photo of Chewbacca skateboarding in the late 1980s
Lionel Walter Rothschild’s zebra carriage as it appeared on the streets of London in 1894
He also rode a Galapagos tortoise.
Leo Tolstoy telling a story to his grandchildren, 1909
BBC sound effect workers making effects for a program in the studio, 1927
In 1890, wildlife photographer, Cherry Kearton stood on his brother’s shoulders to take a photograph of a bird’s nest.
In 1922, this 137-year-old White Wolf was and still is considered to be the oldest Native American to have ever lived.
12-year-old Michael Jackson as Charlie Chaplin, 1970
Dylan McDermott and Julia Roberts, 1989
The world’s biggest horse, Brooklyn Supreme, standing 78 in tall and weighing 3,200 lb
A crooked back brush equipped with front and rear-view mirrors, 1947
A man working atop a 32-foot-tall replica of the Empire State Building in the world’s largest diorama, 1939
Samuel L. Jackson as a high school senior
A Victorian couple barely holds back laughter, trying to look serious to take a portrait, 1890s.
A little girl and her pet toad at an exhibition of pets in California, 1936.
A group of women riding a roller-coaster in London, 1958.
A little girl pretending to be talking on the phone, Japan, 1958.
A street musician and a street girl.
A postman posing with heavy Christmas parcels, Chicago, 1929.
A little French girl kissing an American soldier on St. Valentine’s Day, 1945.
A tiny resident of Paris, 1952.
A soldier that came back from the war, 1940s.
A French boy is introducing himself to Indian soldiers that came to France for military service, Marseilles, September 30, 1914.
Higher and higher!
“The Jack Rabbit Club,” 1890. It existed 60 years before the founding of “Playboy.”

A model looking uncomfortable during a bondage photo shoot in Newcastle, England in 1949. There is a series of this type of picture featuring this model.

A man clips the nails of a lion in London, England in 1935.

A sword swallower poses for the camera in Wei-Hai-Wei, China in 1922.

Doris Smith riding her motorcycle around the "Wall of Death" with no safety equipment and no hands at a fair in Essex, England in 1938.

Edith Burchett, the wife of famous tattoo artist George Burchett, in England in 1921.

Patients receive treatment while restrained in a steam box in Milledgeville State Hospital in Georgia, US in 1908.

A dentist prepares to pull a bad tooth in China in 1920.

A Somalian man with an elongated neck in 1943.

A circus performer showing her flexibility in the UK in 1997.

A flapper girl and her many boudoir dolls in France in 1924.

A contortionist in the US in 1937.

A couple with their dogs in New York State, US in 1902.

People show off the tattoos given to them during an amateur tattoo artist contest in France in 1950.

4 Women goof off wearing extremely large pants in the US in 1933.

A woman uses a bandage and fake smile to practice how to smile at the "Smile Club" in Budapest, Hungary in 1937. This club helped people suffering from depression who appeared suicidal.




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