People Will Always Find A Way Around The Rules… (42 pics)

Posted in FUNNY       6 Jun 2018       31449      

Boys Wear Skirts On A Hot Day To School In Protest At Being Told They Were Not Allowed To Wear Shorts

Music Festival In 90 Degree Weather Wouldn't Allow Venders To Sell Beverages

My Friend Goes To A School That Doesn't Allow The Opposite Sex In Their Respective Dorms, So This Is Movie Night

Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Soccer Matches In Iran. 5 Girls Sneak In Azadi Stadium In Disguise To Celebrate Persepolis Championship In Iran's Persian Gulf Pro League

You Are To Assume The Role Of A Chinese Immigrant In 1870

Fan Got A 1 Year Ban From The Stadium So Decides To Rent A Crane To Watch The Game

Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Carrier. So This Happened

A Mayor In Brazil Prohibited Bar Owners From Setting Tables On The Sidewalk. Here's Their Solution

Food Isn't Allowed In The Living Room. His Tablet Isn't Allowed In The Kitchen. He Beat The System. I Quit

Whenever I Park Illegally I Just Give Myself A Fake Ticket Before Somebody Else Does It For Me

Camp Requires Kids To Write A Letter Home After The First Week

My School Requires A Full Suit And Tie Dress Code. However A Coat Is Allowed In The Winter

I'm Healing From A Septoplasty Surgery, And Im Not Allowed To Wear Glasses As They Put Too Much Pressure On My Nose, So I Rigged Up A System

Only Allowed A Single Page Formula Sheet? Challenge Accepted

A Class Of Students Were Required To Pick A Marvel Character To Embody Within A Resume And Cover Letter. This Is What One Student Handed In

I Told My Boyfriend The New Puppy Wasn't Allowed In The Bed

This Sex Ed Teacher Couldn’t Demonstrate Proper Condom Use, So He Talked About Socks Instead

Not Allowed To Paint My Walls, So I Had To Get Creative

I'll Never Forget The Time That My Mom Installed This Lock In One Of Her Bathroom Drawers When I Was A Kid So She Could Hide My Phone Or Whatever Inside Of It When I Misbehaved. If Only She Thought Before She Installed It

My Dad Went To Vegas For 5 Days And Put A Camera In The House But That Ain't Stoping Me

My University Doesn't Allow Review Sessions During Finals Week. This Was My Anatomy Professor's Response

So There’s A Rule Against Pumpkins In My Dorm But It Doesn’t Say Anything About Pineapples

Green Car Parking Only!

New Job Required A Photo Of Myself In A Suit For Their Website. I Don't Own A Suit

I Work In An Office Where Professional Attire Is Required. Little Do They Know

Mom Said The Only Thing I Was Allowed To Bring To Dinner Today Was Rolls

Well, Rules Are Rules

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind When I Told My Son It Was Too Nice Out To Play Games Inside

When No Drinks Are Allowed At The Pool

Parking: Nailed It

This Utah Bar Is Legally Required To Offer Food To Customers

Our Office Doesn't Let Us Adjust The Thermostat, But My Coworker Figured Out A Workaround When She's Cold

When You Get Told You Can Only Use One Side Of Piece Of Paper To Write Formulas For The Final

One Of Them Finally Cracked The Code

My School Doesn't Allow The Opposite Sex In Their Respective Dorms, So This Is How Couples Hang Out

My Son's Response To The First Lady's New Ban On Selling Candy As A Fundraiser

Company's Policy: "All Beverages Must Be In A Cup With A Straw"... Too Amused To Argue With The Employee Loophole Discovered Tonight

I Snuck In To A Volcom Release Party By Wearing A Grocery Store Receipt

Future Lawyer? Was Told He Couldn't Go Outside

Our Local Bar Is Required To Serve Food As Part Of Their Liquor License 

We Go To A School With A Uniform Policy That Requires A Belt. My Friend Forgot His Belt And Did This 

Told Her She Couldn't Walk On Lawns To Pick Flowers. She Found A Loophole 





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