Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy Struck (29 pics)

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Photographer Robert Landsberg Captured The Wall Of Ash That Would Kill Him When Mt. St. Helen's Erupted. He Managed To Protect The Film With His Body

The Crew Of Space Shuttle Challenger On Their Way To Board. Challenger Broke Apart 73 Seconds Into Its Flight, Killing All Seven Crew Members

Mayinga N’Seka, A Nurse, Is Depicted Here During An Ebola Outbreak In 1976. Her Dedication Meant That She Eventually Contracted The Disease Herself And Passed Away Not Long After

The Omagh Bombing. The Red Car In This Photograph Contained A Bomb That Killed 29 People And Injured Some 220 Others. The Man And Child Both Survived, The Photographer Didn't

14-Year-Old Keith Sapsford Hid In The Wheel Of A Flight Leaving Sydney Towards Japan. John Gilspin, An Amateur Photographer, Was Testing His New Camera Lens And Unwittingly Caught Keith Sapsford's 200ft Plunge To Death

William "Dave" Sanders Guiding More Than 100 Students Out Of The Cafeteria During Columbine High School Massacre, He Was Later Shot Twice In The Chest And Didn't Survive

Last Image Of Uruguayan Flight 571, Before It Crashed In The Andes On 13-10-1972. 27 Out Of 45 People Survived The Initial Crash. Survivors Were Eventually Forced To Cannibalize The Dead To Stay Alive. 16 People Were Rescued 72 Days Later

Dave Hally Took One Last Photo Of His Wife And 4-Year-Old Daughter Before Takeoff For Their Dream Vacation Aboard Mh17, Shortly Before It Was Shot Down Over Ukraine By Russia-Led Forces, Killing Everybody On Board

A Dash Cam Captures The Moments Before Transasia’s Flight 235 Crashed In The Keelung River In Taiwan. The Plane Carried 58 People - Only 15 Survived

Robert Overcracker, A Professional Stunt Man, Drove A Jet Ski Over Niagara Falls To Raise Awareness For The Homeless Back In 1995. This Photo Was Snapped Just As His Parachute Failed To Deploy, Sending Him Down To His Death

Gilles Leclerc And Marianne Labanane Took A Selfie At The Bataclan Theatre As They Waited To See The Eagles Of Death Metal Perform. Moments Later, 4 Gunmen Stormed In And Started Shooting. Gilles Was Killed In The Attack, But Marianne Survived

Last Moments Of Harambe, Gorilla Killed After A Child Fell Into His Enclosure At The Cincinnati Zoo In 2016

Nicholas Mevoli After His Last 'Free Dive'. He Was Attempting To Dive 236ft Deep. He Completed The Dive, Surfaced, Gave The Ok Sign, Tried To Speak, And Then Passed Out. He Never Regained Consciousness And Died That Same Day From Pulmonary Edema

West Milford Took This Photo While On A Hike In New Jersey, Moments Before The Bear Attacked And Killed Him

This Unsuspecting Family Snapped The Last Moments Of Ayano Tokumasu’s Life. The 20-Year-Old Student In Red Threw Herself Over The Railings Outside The Niagara Falls To Her Death

Archduke Ferdinand And His Wife Sophie 1h Before They Would Be Shot And Killed By Serb Nationalist Gavrilo Princip - This Event Was The Trigger For The Wwi

In 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 Tragically Crashed Into A Small Private Cessna 172 Plane And Fell From The Sky. This Picture Captures The Plane Just Before It Hit The Ground

This Photograph Was Recovered From Japan Airlines Flight 123 After It Crashed. In Total 520 Passengers And Crew Were Killed, Only 4 Survived

Christopher McCandless'es (The Man From "Into The Wild") Final Self Portrait - His Decomposed Body Was Found By Moose Hunters In 1992. He Lived In An Abandoned Bus For Over 100 Days. His Cause Of Death Was Officially Ruled As Starvation, But The Exact Cause Is Still Debated

This Photo Shows Parkour Enthusiast Pavel Kashin Performing The Trick That Would Lead To His Death. He’s Pictured Attempting To Back-Flip To The Wall, But He Would Soon Lose His Balance And Fall To Ground Below

James Dean Is Seen Here Getting Gas For His Porsche 550 Spyder Not Long Before He Crashed It And Died. Legend Has It That The Car Is Cursed, As It Was Involved In Several More Accidental Deaths Before Disappearing In The ’60s

One Of The Last Known Photos Of Titanic Afloat. It Sank On 15 April 1912 After Colliding With An Iceberg. There Were An Estimated 2,224 Passengers And Crew Aboard - More Than 1,500 Didn't Survive

The Concorde Crash - Moments After Takeoff One Of The Plane’s Engines Caught On Fire, Causing The Plane To Crash Into A Nearby Hotel, This Killed 113 People

George Mallory And Sandy Irvine Just Before They Began Their Ascent Of Mt. Everest In 1924, It's Still Debated If They Reached The Top, Either Way, They Never Made It Back

Diana Princess Of Wales (Head Turned Away In Backseat), Her Bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, Left, And Driver Henri Paul Shortly On The Night Of August 31, 1997 Before The Fatal Crash

The Band Great White Playing At Rhode Island’s Station Nightclub, Just Before Their Pyrotechnics Caused A Fire That Killed More Than 100 People. In This Eerie Photo See You Can See The Destructive Fireworks On Display

Paul Walker Climbing Into The Car That Eventually Crashed, Taking His And The Driver’s Lives Back In 2013

Joseph Avery Crashed His Boat In The Niagara River. 2 Other Men Died Immediately, But Avery Managed To Cling To A Rock For 18h, Waiting For A Rescue Boat. Unfortunately, The Boat Capsized Almost Immediately After Avery Managed To Climb In, Dooming Him

R. Budd Dwyer Was The Treasurer Of Pennsylvania Between 1981-1987, Before Being Accused Of Bribery And Withholding Taxes. He Shot Himself On His Televised Trial, Watched By Millions


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Is This Any Way To Make A Description On The Content In Your Post?
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#2 most terrifying part the crew didn't die from the explosion. they died on impact. took them 2 minutes 45 seconds to get down.



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