Life Is Beautiful Just Because Of This (57 pics)

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“Someone in my neighborhood has a mini library open to anyone.”
A kind neighbor raked a pile of leaves and invited people to jump into it.
Someone sacrificed their umbrella to prevent this cat from getting wet.
This boy is giving out lemonade for free on a hot day.
This man sells pizza to the needy for just $1.
Bikers are escorting a boy with Down syndrome on his first day at school.
This man gave his T-shirt to a homeless man.
A touching act of kindness:
These guys offered their assistance to local students.
He is teaching his son to replace car tires.
This definitely restores faith in humanity.
This man had 2 extra tickets to a football match. He presented them to these boys instead of selling them.
Our world definitely needs more people like this.
A police officer talking to a teenager suffering from autism that wanted to commit suicide
“I found this on my windshield.”
“My daughter asked me if she could sell her stuffed animals and donate the money to our local shelter for animals. Of course, I let her.”
“Corporate bought pizza and wings for those who made it in after our area was hit with 2 feet of snow.”
A small sofa was placed in a bookshop for an old lady. She visits the shop to read books quite often.
Ryan Reynolds meeting with children from the Make-a-Wish and Children’s Wish Foundations on the set of Deadpool 2
Toucan gets a 3D printed beak after it’s beaten by a group of teens
A policeman stopped a driver because his lights didn’t work and then helped him fix them.
This seat in the Delta Lounge is for the people who got a middle seat on the plane. These passengers also get a free cookie and a drink.
A woman created public boxes where anyone can put things that other people might need.
When this girl ran out of gas a homeless man helped her and spent the last $20 he had. In order to thank him, the girl started a fundraising campaign and people have donated over $400,000.
Instead of going to school this boy stopped at a cafe and asked for food because his family was struggling. The owner realized what was going on and offered to feed his family once a day in exchange for his completed homework.
“Our neighborhood got battered by Irma. Many without power. As I was driving to see the damage to my properties, I saw these amazing folks. South Florida really gathers together in times of need. Free Wi-Fi, phone charging, and coffee for anybody who needed it.”
“These gentlemen make around a thousand toy tops for Ronald McDonald House each year. I felt that their generosity deserved to be seen.”
His dog has trouble walking and he found a solution so they can still enjoy their walks together.
This barber wasn’t feeling well because of a cold, so an old friend helped sweep up the hair for him.
Dad’s job keeps him from his kid’s graduation, but he telecasts in, from space!!
This man’s son committed suicide. After that, he put this sign over his head and walked thousands of miles.
Johnny Depp visits children’s hospitals dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

An Indian traffic cop fed a homeless woman who was too weak to eat on her own.

Every day this mall security guard comes outside to help this 94-year-old WWII vet get his wheelchair out of his trunk so he can have coffee in the food court with his friends.

This pediatrician knows how to approach a child.

“My tow truck driver has a cat with a matching safety vest.”

An airport worker helping a tired mother calm down her baby

Uber driver

“Kratos sold me his game today.”

“This McDonald’s manager has taken at least 10 minutes to set up Google maps on this old gentleman’s phone and teach him how to ‘follow the green dot’ while he’s driving.”

Window cleaners at a children’s hospital

“My dad challenged the students at the school where he is the principal to read for a combined 1,000 minutes. The reward would be getting to push him down the hall on a tricycle while he wore mismatched clothes inside out.”






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