Some People Got Lucky To See Such Rare Things (55 pics)

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The sunset and a rainbow hanging out

The floor and leggings combo

This highlighter synchronicity

Purple wood

This is a type of rare tree called Peltogyne Purpurea or purpleheart wood. These trees originate from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama. The external wood is usually a light brown color and the middle of the tree is usually a vibrant purple color with dark stripes.

Purpleheart wood is famous for making up floors, furniture, structural elements, and architectural finishes due to its physical and mechanical properties.


There are some amazing sales at the mall.

Safety comes first and taste comes second.

The most honest sign

They put the FUN in funeral.

The world’s most delicious soap

This is actually how photobooths work.

The world’s tallest filing cabinet

The dog’s white stripe that lines up perfectly with the wave

The triple rainbow

If only there was a way to fix it...

Well, this was a buzz kill...

“Friend tried to toss me his keys at work, they got stuck on the piping in the roof like this.”

This is a 1 in 30 million calico lobster...

A tree that knows how to fall without damaging people’s property

“Both lines at McDonald’s had the same cars.”

This guy accidentally found out that his wallpaper’s photograph was taken near Santa Cristina in Italy.

This guy had two nails hit his leg and they both missed his kneecap.

This person accidentally shot two 16-gauge wood framing nails into his knees and they both landed into the space between his kneecap and his femur. Neither of those nails touched his bone.

5 peanuts in a shell

Usually, peanuts come in double shells, which means each shell has two peanuts or three maximum. This person managed to find one that had 2.5 times more peanuts than the average peanut shell.

Dice stuck in a glass while shuffling

The order number is the same as the total.

The struggles of a substitute teacher

Perfect timing


The wind had perfect timing.

An airplane passing in front of the moon


Blocks of gold getting ready to be shipped

These aren’t rocks, they’re snake eggs.

Have you ever seen a tram giving way to a train?

A vintage perfume machine that was used before perfume testers were popular

An orange turtle was found in Vietnam.

The biggest crab in the world

Clouds above Kansas

A deer’s bones grew around an arrow.

A human microbiome cut out of paper

This entire house is being moved to a different place.

This crystal looks like some technology of the future.

“This huge dragonfly that just landed on my dad’s head”

Ants managed to eat through these candy canes.

“A long exposure photograph I took of this morning’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch. The water in the foreground made for a beautiful reflection.”

This house’s street number is “0”.

This flower grows right underwater.

“This picture I took of a jellyfish makes it look like it’s in outer space.”

This is a mountain of salt.

Lightning struck this fishing rod.

The water at this supermarket comes in bags.

Bricks made from Himalayan pink rock salt.

This caterpillar’s camouflage

This hotel bathroom has a clear sink.

This ice cave in Iceland shines during sunset.

The sky in Wyoming


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