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Photos That Won’t Let You Get Bored (54 pics)

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A girl admiring Alex Morgan

Greatest $19.50 spent in all of history

Cartoonist Chuck Jones’ rules for Wild E. Coyote and the Roadrunner

A tweet from the Capital Gazette after the shooting that killed 5 employees

Highly specialized and under appreciated Lego tool

An example of how important sentence length can be in English

Guess the Russian

Russian flutist playing Mozart during removal of brain tumor

Twins married twins. Then each couple had twins

The exact moment LeBron decided to bounce

World’s smallest computer compared to a grain of rice

Shaking hands with a harpy eagle

The First Millisecond Of A Nuclear Explosion – Photo From Tests Performed in Nevada 1952.

“The tattoo healing cream came off of my arm and made a copy of my tattoo.”
An albino alligator
This tree is growing inside the trunk of another tree.
This apple has another apple fused to it.
This computer repair shop’s Windows’ windows
The way the shadow makes this ruler look flexible
An albino turtle with its friends
Some of the different sands of the Sahara Desert
These ceiling fans are belt driven.
A hand forged Damascus fork
A massive leaf compared to a normal one
“I saw a black squirrel with a blonde tail.”
Lazy camo
“The pattern on the burned out microwave surface light when I took it out to replace it”
An 18-arched aqueduct with a waterway in North-East Wales
A stream of water pouring from a faucet captured at 1/25th of a second
“The living moss wall at my office”
This old tree growing between 2 buildings
A cloud with a hole
“The way the water got trapped in my succulent”
This chandelier at a clothing store is made of clothes hangers.
“This spider spun a web on my window screen.”
The incredible Crassula plant
The way the water froze in this cup

This is lava:

This looks like the iguana is playing the guitar:

Mountain transformation during sunrise

Is this a gravity-defying Jenga?

This seagull must know too much:

I know where to spend my next vacation.

Have you ever wanted to see what is under a wave?

I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky.

This is what infinity looks like:

If you have more than 3 wishes...

Is it only me who sees a dog’s face here?

The sun’s rays are peaking through the rising mist.

This photo looks so cozy:

This is the atrium of a hotel in Shanghai.

The inside of an abandoned spacecraft

Corner drawers

These surreal looking stairs that look like an optical illusion

Credits: brightside.me

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#28 It's the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct built by Thomas Telford and opened in 1805. If you want to know what fear is, be in charge of a boat going over it.