A Little Reminder About Beauty Of Our World (51 pics)

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This 96-year-old granny looks after orphaned kittens.
Our police department bought an ice cream truck to give away free ice cream to kids.
“Please pass this on if you know these folks — I’m trying to reunite the couple with this engagement photo. The picture was taken June 29th. Cheers.”
“Found this on my car today.”
A soldier with his rescued pup
Gareth Southgate consoling the Columbian player that missed a penalty 22 years after it happened to himself
“So a week and a half ago I saved a baby deer from traffic. Today I saved a baby deer from my neighbor’s dogs in my backyard. This is getting weird.”
Euclid officer, James Aoki spent his Sunday building a wheelchair ramp for a woman who’d had hers stolen the day before.
“My hubby being a bro to a friend who just had major surgery and needed help with his deodorant.”
“Spotted this on my way to work this morning.”
“My girlfriend saw this in a bar’s bathroom — I can imagine it’s saved some disasters!”
Filipino Christians apologizing to the LGBT community during The Philippines Pride Parade in 2018
The Shop N’ Save is offering free bottled water due to the extreme heat in St. Louis. Good job, humans!
“We recently had a death in our family. In our family that usually means other families will come over every day for a couple of days, ALL DAY. At least 25-30 kids are outside, acting out of control and wild for the entire day. Today the neighbor rented a bouncy house for the entire day, just for the kids.”
“Picked up 2 free trees for a family and a friend. Now the world will have 2 more trees planted.”
“My grandmother passed away on Tuesday. Today would have been her 93rd birthday. Today my family received this from my dad’s employer.”
This is Anthony Borges, 15. He used his body to hold a classroom door shut during the Florida shooting, protecting 20 other students inside as the gunman fired through the door, hitting him five times. May he have a speedy recovery.

This man invited his elderly neighbor who was sick with leukemia to live together during her last months so that he could take care of her.

Animals can melt our hearts.

This Iranian hero saved a girl from a fire by giving her his oxygen mask. His brain died but his organs saved 4 more lives.

These 2 guys from Norway risked their lives to save a lamb from the ocean:

A man helping an old disabled lady

These guys were giving out food during the Houston floods:

This Indian schoolgirl decided to share her food and water with homeless people.

This dog got trapped and the locals fed her for a month. The rescue mission was so complicated, it took 5 days to get her out.

People in Turkey saving a dog that suffered from tear gas during protests

Children making a boy who lost all his limbs due to meningitis feel comfortable at school

A man who found 73 frisbees in a pond while looking for his own


Friendship means you’re always ready to help.

A happy couple who kept their love alive their whole lives

The Mayor of Chicago took a woman’s phone to give his positive recommendation during her job interview.

If you still don’t believe the world is a good place, here’s a basket of pure love and awesomeness!


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#17 "If you treat people well, it is blindingly obvious that they will do a good job." A Timpson philosophy. They are a highly philanthropic company and train people in prison to run their shops - who then can rehabilitate and have employment. I love them and use them when ever I can.