Dogs Are Not The Brightest Of Animals… (35 pics + 5 gifs)

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I Regret Everything

Dog Thinks Terrace Door Is Closed

My Dog Ran Away, After Hours Of Looking I Came Home To This

Friend Of A Friend's Pooch Dragged The Sprinkler In Through The Doggy Door

Water Can Be Tricky

His Best Friend Is A Brick

She Brought All Her Toys Over So The Mirror Doggy Could Play With Them

Hey, Guys, Me Too!

She's A Retriever, Not A Genius

He Thinks He Has To Wait In Line To Get A Treat

Somehow Our Dog Opened The Upstairs Screen Door And Ended Up Following Our Cat Onto The Roof. He Required Consoling Before Coming Back Inside

Found A Loose Seal In My Bathroom

It's Hard To Tell But One Of My Dogs Helped Mow The Lawn

Came Home And Found My Dog Waiting Like This

Where Is The Cat?

Cuttie Chicken Legs

English Bulldog Diesel - The Box Lover

Sugerbooger Isn't The Brightest, But She Makes My Job So Much More Entertaining

Well Hidden This One

One Is Smarter Than The Other

My Friend's Dog Ate A Pot Brownie Yesterday

Every Day I Walk My Dog, He Finds The Biggest Stick Possible To Bring As A Gift/Sacrifice For The 'Big Dogs'

My Dog Brought Me Some Dirt Today

Lola’s First Boat Ride And Skippering - Facing Wrong Direction And Blocking The Captains View But She Nailed It Otherwise

Dandelion Zoomies

The Coat Incident - My Dog Molly Got Stuck In The Arm Of A Coat. I Couldn't Stop Laughing

Last Year, I Built A Sound-Proofed, Built-In Doghouse Under My Stairs, So Bucky Would Have A Safe Place To Hide When He Got Scared. On The 4th Of July, He Let Me Know, In No Uncertain Terms, That I Had Wasted My Time

He Thinks This Painting Is A Window

She Keeps Looking At Me Like This

Idiot Dog Broke Into Food Bin, Ate It All, Fell Asleep

My Dog Spent 15 Minutes This Morning Trying To Get The Roomba To Play With His Stuffed Squeaky Shrimp

I Have No Words To Describe This. Except That My Dog Is The Greatest

Last Night My Dog Graduated From A Beginner Obedience Class. This Morning We Found Her Certificate Like This

My Dauschund Puppy Got Stuck In The Couch Cushions

So My Step Brothers Dog Came Down The Stairs Too Fast And Ran Into The Wall Because He Was Excited

My Hunting Dog Is On High Alert

My Golden Retriever Decided To Roll On The Freshly Mowed Lawn

Taste The Rainbow

So That's How Chocolate Labs Are Made

Dad Took Our Dog Archie For A Walk. When They Got Back Dad Went To Eat Breakfast. He Came Back Outside Afterwards To See Archie Was “Stuck”. His Back Foot Was On The Lead So It Strained When He Walked Forward. So He Was “Trapped”. Dad Lifted His Back Foot And Saved Him


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birdman 2 year s ago
#4 .... and instead of reacting as quickly possible to save house and furniture from imminent damage I'm going to take the time to photograph this... And who you say is the dumber ?



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