This Is Why Germany Is Such A Unique Country (20 pics)

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Fit girls getting ready for Oktoberfest

Did you know that Oktoberfest is actually held in September? It’s an important festival for Bavarian culture and the Germans get ready for it in advance. No wonder girls need to do some weightlifting before, as sometimes the quantity of glasses that one waitress needs to carry is just out of control!


Finger wrestling

Men in Bavaria know a lot about strong fingers: how to train, exercise and stretch them in order to be the best in one of the weirdest championships ever — Fingerhakeln. The competitors of this championship lock their fingers and start pulling in opposite directions until one of them fails.


Sausage vending machines

What comes to mind when you think about food from a vending machine? Probably some chewing gum, chocolate bars or cookies, right? How about some sausages like Bratwurst, for example. It’s a typical German sausage made from minced pork, beef or veal.


Pumpkin boat races

Nothing unusual here — just a person paddling a giant pumpkin in the middle of a river! Such championships happen in Germany every year during autumn. Maybe these are actually yachts that turn into pumpkins as the clock strikes midnight!


No speed limits

Have you ever seen this road sign? If you happen to drive on German Autobahns, you need to know what it means: no speed limits whatsoever. So it’s absolutely legal to put the pedal to the metal and enjoy your car’s top speed!


Traditional lederhosen

“Lederhosen” are breeches that are a part of traditional Bavarian outfits. Everyone wears them for Oktoberfest, even pets!


Deer-calling championship

No, this man isn’t trying to speak with the ocean through the shell, as you might have thought. He’s a participant of the deer-calling championship held in Germany. The contestants are meant to imitate the best deer mating call. Would you risk your safety to participate in it?


Caution is a priority.

“Vorsicht” or “caution” is above everything else! Even if there’s a small pedestrian crossing the street in a tiny village somewhere in Germany, they may as well carry several signs in order to warn the drivers from all different angles.


Funny warning signs

This sign actually means “don’t feed your child to a crocodile.” Actually, just until recently, feeding crocodiles and even swimming with them used to be a popular attraction in the local zoo of the German town of Friedberg. But not anymore since a court ruling banned such activities.


Football is the king of sports.

Football is the most popular sport in Germany. They play it at schools, universities, watch it on TV, and go to the stadiums to support their favorite teams. Table football, or foosball, is a big thing too. No wonder the world’s largest foosball table is situated in Germany.


Variety of sausages

There are more than 1,000 different sausages in Germany! Blutwurst, weisswurst, leberwurst and so many more to try. Some people say that German Wifi is the “wurst”, but we doubt that.


Traditional German fast food

Currywurst is the most famous German fast food that contains Bratwurst topped with a sauce made of ketchup, curry, and paprika. No wonder Currywurst-flavored chips are so popular!


The world’s narrowest street

Spreuerhofstrasse, situated in the German city of Reutlingen, is considered to be the narrowest street in the world. It’s only 31 cm at its narrowest spot and even made it into the Guinness World Records.


Singing drain pipes

When art and music come together, they form an unbelievable aesthetic mixture! Just take a look at this house — it comes alive when it starts to rain. Would you come to Dresden to enjoy Kunsthofpassage and its unusual orchestra?


A bent truck installation

This surreal truck installation is located in one of the streets in a German city called Karlsruhe. It was meant to show a daily object from a different perspective. However, the city’s parking warden didn’t seem to get the idea and issued a 30 Euro ticket for the parking violation.


Angela Merkel’s barbie doll

It’s hard to imagine German chancellor, Angela Merkel playing with dolls. However, she has a doll made in her honor: it has her trademark bob and is wearing an elegant, classic costume. Would you choose a doll like this as a present for a child?


Pillows are weapons

Pillows are really dangerous — at least, that’s what the Germans think. According to German law, pillows can be considered “passive weapons”. So think twice before engaging in a pillow fight in Germany.


Weird baby name ban

If you live in Germany and want to name your baby “Woodstock”, apparently, you can’t. The government there can reject baby names that seem too weird. They say they don’t want the baby to feel embarrassed in the future. However, names such as Jazz and Lafayette have been allowed.


Fake bus stops

Many nursing homes in Germany have fake bust stops near them. If Alzheimer patients decide to leave the nursing home, they will go to the bus stop — and that’s where the caregivers will eventually find them.


Raw pork hedgehogs

When you have to choose food for a cocktail party, you’d probably pick some fruit, olives, or maybe cheese. What about hedgehog-like raw minced pork? It’s a traditional dish that the Germans love to make for parties. Would you be willing to try it?



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Mickey 2 year s ago
Germany ist not only bavaria and Oktoberfest





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